Healthcare Compliance Training For You

Healthcare Compliance Training For You

What is HIPAA Training?

What is HIPAA? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( changed the healthcare system in the United States in 1996. After this legal shift, patient protections became paramount in our health centers, such that hospitals and other medical facilities could not simply give your medical information to anyone other than you, even with a simple handwritten note. Instead, all medical information had to be given to you and you only, with a specific consent form required for any other sort of information dissemination, including protections allowed for the rights and privacy of children. This was a landmark political move that was a bipartisan, agreed upon decision that political leaders on both sides of the aisle of the United States of America in support.

If something is free in the United States of America, you should likely be suspicious, as that usually means that your data is the fee that is being paid to someone. Something that is interesting about HIPAA is the fact that this is one of the few legal protections that exists in the United States of America that actually prevents people from stealing your data willfully, or at least without any possibility of legal recourse. This is incredibly rare in our country, that almost always puts profits above people, in any vein possible. In this way, we require compliance training in many of our institutions because the law will not automatically be obeyed by Americans without a legal recourse for not doing so.

Late stage capitalists are greedy, and as a result, our healthcare system is more focused on making money than focusing on preventative or palliative care. The reality is, America moved away from preventative healthcare to moneymaking healthcare in the 1980s under former president Ronald Reagan. This president was a Republican, and in this era, Republicans rolled back government expenditure on public programs that we need like education and healthcare and instead focused their money and attention on increasing our prison system, especially expanding our for-profit prison system. This is how people with mental health issues ended up incarcerated in the United Sates of America instead of in our hospitals.

What is The Context of This Learning Opportunity?

What is The Context of This Learning Opportunity?

The United States of America is brilliant at threatening human rights while making money. It costs just around 2 billion dollars to become President of the United States and 25 percent of the total prisoners in the world are housed in America, and we have noted that a significant number of those people are people whose HIPAA rights are violated every day by a state that focuses more on incarcerating people than helping people who have mental health struggles. This is another reason why HIPAA compliance training is critically important in our country, because without this kind of training, we are funneling more people into our prison industrial complex, the same complex that undergirds the more unfortunate elements of life in America.

The United States of America spends over 900 billion US dollars a year on weapons and arms, which is more than every other country in the world (combined, actually). The United States of America has been at war for over 250 years consistently and consecutively, and yet, the country has only been existence for just over 250 years, meaning that every year of its existence, Americans have been dying in the name of America, or Americans have been bombing other countries on earth in the name of America. And yet, somehow, America cannot afford universal healthcare? This is why HIPAA compliance training is so important in this country: it is one of the few instances in American society where the society is structured to do right by the little people and help folks who are not wealthy and destructive.

What Is Next For Us?

20 billion children go to bed hungry every night in America, and this country has the audacity to call itself a functioning democracy. Thankfully, compliance training is one of the rare safety nets we enjoy in this country that forces people to do the right thing, and to simply make the most agreeable decision that will result in the best outcome for all members of society, not just the rich, white and wealthy. It is key that we all learn more about HIPAA compliance training so that we offer the best possible learning opportunities for our workers. Before this type of training was required in this country people were allowed to make horrible decisions with your medical information and could sell your child’s information off to the highest bidder.

We still have a long way to go. For example, in America a sperm donor can donate as much sperm as he wants to without any limits on how many children he can father, resulting in a really corrupt system in which we have a notorious number of doctors and medical professionals who have fathered their children by tricking women in their practice. This is why compliance training is essential in America, and it is worth it to invest that type of training for your clients, employees and executive team. This country needs this kind of training to save itself from its more destructive and sad inclinations.

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