Great Gifts For Fitness Lovers Under Rs 500

Confused which gift should give to the exercise lovers as there are lot of options available in the market. Here I have tried to list the some of the good gift ideas for exercise enthusiasts without spending lots of money ( in fact under less than 500 rs ).

Skipping ropes :

Skipping ropes is an all-time favorite and simple exercise. This workout can burn up to 1000 calories per hour keeping our weight intact. This workout also tones the muscles both lower and upper part of the body. Skipping rope increases our athletic skills such as timing, endurance, and coordination, etc. making a truly efficient workout available.

Now skipping ropes also comes with an automatic counter which counts a number of skips we have done. Skipping ropes are available from rs 50 to 500 as per quality, type of material used, counters, etc.

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Yoga mat :

During Yoga workouts, there is a chance of getting little sweaty, which may result in slipping on the floor. With a yoga mat, you get a solid foundation to do workout as it creates traction for your hands and feet. It also may become a reason to do yoga as well 🙂

There are a lot of types of yoga mats are available such as sticky or antiskid mats, large thickness durable mats, cotton mats, travel mats, etc.

Hand Exercise Balls :

Hand Exercise balls also a great and simple gift as these balls keep the hands healthy and fit especially the person spending time on the computer. These balls are useful for reducing stress and building strength.

Hula hoop plastic ring :

Everybody knows about a hula hoop, isn’t it? It gives great workout and benefits to the body such as strengthens the waist, hips and the knees, enhances the flexibility of the spine, increases the flow of blood to the brain. It really helps in maintaining overall fitness and energy levels. So gift your loved one a hula hoop ring with audio/mp3 cd with some dance numbers in it.

Handgrip exercise gripper :

This gripper is very helpful in developing the muscles of our fingers, the wrists, and forearms. It provides a simple way to strengthen our hand grip and muscles. These grippers are available from 100 rs to 500 rs depending upon the material used.

Exercise Hand Grip meter :

This dynamometer is used for checking the strength of the handgrip. This equipment is very ideal for screening a routine check of handgrip strength. These meters come with a price range of 200 to 500 rs.

Walk/Run Step Pedometer :

This is a excellent device that can be the reason to walk or run who avoids running or walking. This is a running/walking distance, Calorie Counter which gives how many calories lost while walking or running or the distance traveled in kilometers and miles.

Apart from these gifts, there are a lot of CDs, DVDs available below rs 500. These CDs/DVDs also come for various types of workouts such as Yoga, Aerobics, Dance and Tae chi/ the bo workouts.

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