Getting Real Followers on Instagram Made Easy

Compared to other social media networks, Instagram outgrew so quickly not only as a fun app for people of all ages but also as a strong content marketing platform for networking with target audience and selling. Brands, as well as individuals, now make use of Instagram to do business networking and maintain customer relations. Grown o the level of the biggest social media networking sites globally, Instagram now has about 200 million users monthly who share about 60 million images to gross about 1.6 billion likes daily.

The statistics are very awesome and attractive to a business marketer, right? The engagement rates for products and brands on many leading social networking sites are below 0.1%, whereas Instagram blows it all away with about 58 times greater engagement rate compared to Facebook.

If you are looking for building a greater reputation for your brand and followers for your products, then here are some tips to get more real Instagram followers and ways to increase your visibility as well as engagement.

Tips to get more Instagram followers

  1. Do cross-promotions

It is good that you’ve created some great hashtags for your brand to get more followers for Instagram, but also check out whether people know to use it to share relevant content? Always make sure that you do cross-promotion of your hashtags but putting it on your profile. Along with it, try to do this offline also by printing your brand hashtag on your receipts, goodies, and also try to promote it through signage for public view.

  1. Actively participate in popular conversations

For each post you publish, try to use a fine mix of relevant hashtags that are popular like #latestfashion for a clothing retail store, etc. Explore the most popular and trending hashtags of the time and effectively include it in your content. Specific industry and product-based hashtags act like long-tail keywords, which will help more users to find you out and follow if they find interest in you.

  1. Get the most out of your bio

Your profile or bio is the crucial real estate on Instagram. The purpose of your bio is not just to give the visitors an overview of your profile, but also to instantly link them to your website. There is also scope for you change it frequently with clickable links to drive in traffic to your new landing pages or seasons offers etc.

Some other handy tips to increase the number of Instagram followers include but not limited to below:

  • Try to be as much descriptive as possible with the captions.
  • Try to leverage the best benefits of influencer marketing to grow exponentially.
  • Remove all the unwanted tags on the photos of you and also remove such tags from the profile.
  • Set approval for photo tags before featuring the content on your wall.
  • Take your time and develop a unique Instagram style which people tend to notice.
  • Always explore what is going on in a specific area and act locally.
  • Try to effectively incorporate a call to actions to convert followers into customers.

Instagram is a conversation platform and not just for broadcasting. So, effectively plan your actions by keeping the objective of getting more followers and what actions you want them to take on your posts.

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