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Flea Control and Treatment Information You Need to Know

If you are a pet-owner and you live in Austin, you may already know what a nuisance the heat and Humidity create for your beloved pets. Though summer is your pets favorite season, it is also the season of fleas. These horrible and tiny insects attach to your pet’s coat and leave them in a miserable condition. The discomfort comes in the form of scratching or severe diseases like tapeworms or Lyme disease. If you are serious about flea removal in Austin, then read the following to get to know more.

General facts about Fleas 

Before knowing how to remove fleas or tick, you must know some fundamental truths about them. 

The flea’s life consists of a total of four stages- egg, larva, pupa and adult. The adult fleas mainly feed on blood, then lay eggs which hatch into larvae within 11 days. The larvae then feed on the adult’s feces. The larvae build a cocoon which, after becoming a pupa, develops into an adult.

Austin is notorious for fleas. The main reasons why Austin’s hot weather is responsible for fleas and ticks are-Temperature, Humidity, light and landscape. 

How to prevent fleas naturally

Fleas are more likely to attack your pets when they are outdoors. But thankfully, you can control them outside quickly too. Since adult fleas cannot sustain direct sunlight, so you have to worry about the cool shades where your pets play.

Some of the tips to do Austin flea removal are:

  • Mow the grass

The grass of your lawn should be mowed regularly to eliminate leaf piles or patches. Long grasses are a goldmine for the fleas to infest. 

  • Water the fleas

If you suspect an area of your yard has a flea infestation, hose down that area with water regularly and kill them instantly. The insects could not sustain the massive flow of water. 

  • Call a Pest control service in Austin

If you cannot figure out the fleas in your garden, call a Pest control service Austin, so that they could treat your whole yard. After their treatment, you will not find any fleas on your pet. 

  • Take care of your pet’s health

Fleas tend to attack those animals who are sick. But if your pet has a good immunity power, the insects will not be able to get attached to your dog or cat. During the flea-prevalent season, make sure to add fish oil to your pet’s food to boost her skin’s defence. 

How to treat your pets after getting affected by fleas

Despite keeping your yard neat and clean, your pet still got fleas? May she have got it by playing with other flea-affected animals in the park. You can treat them by giving them a running bath since fleas cannot sustain water at all. You can vacuum your pet’s coat. Vacuuming sucks most of the insects. After shampooing your pet, do not forget to do your pet’s laundry. Clean the bed and cushion of your pet thoroughly.

Flea removal companies like DM Pest Control swear by the tips which are mentioned above to control fleas. 

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