Fix Netgear WiFi Router Connection Dropping Issue

When it comes to wireless routers, Netgear was the first to introduce the world’s fastest and reliable routers. Nowadays, many homes have multiple wired and wireless devices requiring a secure, strong and steady WiFi signals. Netgear wireless routers offer the best range of options to meet the need of every human being.

Though the Netgear WiFi router is the best, yet they are also prone to some annoying errors. The most common issue with the Netgear routers is that they keep on dropping the WiFi connection even after the Netgear router setup.

You first have to know the main cause of this problem in order to fix it permanently.

Reasons behind Netgear WiFi router keeps on dropping the internet connection:

The continuous dropping of the internet connection may be due to many reasons. As a matter of fact, it is actually very difficult to identify the actual reason behind it.

  1. Maybe your Netgear router firmware is not up-to-date. If you want to fix the issue, you must update the firmware on your router.
  2. Maybe your Netgear router is overheated. To fix the continuous internet connection dropping issues, shut down your router and do not turn it on until and unless it cools down completely.
  3. Maybe you have hidden your router. To acquire good and active WiFi signals, make sure to place your router openly on a higher shelf.

If the above-mentioned steps don’t resolve the issue then don’t worry. We have some more easy ways to fix the problem.

Verifying the setting of your Netgear wireless router

You must use a network with lower-band speed instead of a high-speed network.

  1. Firstly, all the security applications like filtering of address and network isolation should be disabled as they do not protect your system.
  2. Secondly, you have to go to the Channel Setting of your Netgear wireless router to change it. Change it to mixed mode.

If the issue still persists after following the above-mentioned steps, then you can go with some more easy to execute tips given below.

Upgradation of Netgear router’s firmware

Even after following the above-mentioned steps, if your Netgear router does not fix the issue, then you have to update the firmware of your router to the latest version.

To update your Netgear router’s firmware, dial a toll-free number 1-888-957-6174 and ask for Netgear router support

Upgradation of the Driver

Before you set up your Netgear wireless router using web address, you have to install application programs like drivers. These drivers are very important to be upgraded because if your system gets corrupted, these drivers would be helpful for you. Ableton Crack

Now, to fix this issue, you have to search for the current version of the drive. This will definitely help you to update the driver of your computer system. Save the driver to your desktop after downloading and installing it.

We hope that with the help of the above-mentioned methods, you can easily keep the internet connectivity of your Netgear wireless router at a high speed. Still, if the issue hasn’t been solved yet or the web address not working then it is advised to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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