Five Precious Tips to Help You Get Better at Kundli Matching Software for Marriage

Five Precious Tips to Help You Get Better at Kundli Matching Software for Marriage

Astrology accords immense importance to the influence of celestial bodies and planets on the life of individuals. So, when two people are planning to get willingly entangled in the holy bond of matrimony, it is of paramount importance to ensure that the celestial bodies and planets in their horoscopes complement each other.

Such compatibility results in happiness, harmony, and peace in the married life of the couple. Kundli Milan or kundli matching for marriage is the Vedic equivalent of matching horoscopes for matrimony.

In Hinduism, arranged marriages are quite common and Kundli Milan is one of the most important factors that is considered while moving ahead with the marriage proposal. Kundli Milan or kundli matching of bride and groom can let you know how stars will influence the marriage. It can also predict the remedial measures that need to be taken to ensure marital bliss. This is because sometimes their horoscopes match but with ifs and buts.

Traditionally, kundli milan or kundli matching was done manually by pandits who calculated the alignment of grahas. But, as is the case with all manual calculations, there is a possibility of human error while creeping into the calculations and leading to incorrect results. Considering the fact that marriage is still a once-in-a-lifetime for most people, such discrepancies can be pretty serious.

Furthermore, this manual method of kundli matching is time-consuming. It is for this purpose that there are many kundli matching software available for marriage. You can use them for kundli milan or kundli matching. Kundli matching software employs an algorithm specially designed in accordance with all the factors considered in the traditional and manual procedure for kundli Milan.

Five Precious Tips to Help You Master Kundli Matching

Practice makes humans perfect. The tips that we are talking about will work only when you practice them over and over again. Here are 5 methods that will help you improve your use of kundli matching software for marriage.

  1. Study Different Regional Styles: Generate kundli matching reports in different regional styles such as North Indian, South Indian, Bengali and Kerala etc. Different locations or regions have a different style of horoscope charts. Next, customise the reports as per the requirements such as single page report, report with chart and calculations, reports with predictions only, and the like.

    You can send these reports to clients as both softcopy and hardcopy. Hardcopies are costlier than soft copies as they involve file sharing in external media such as CD, DVD etc. Print them out on simple, cheap paper so that you know how to print them in practice. You can also share these report via email by downloading them in pdf or MS Word format. Practice that as well.

  2. Understand the Remedies: Kundli matching or kundli milan software is capable of providing remedies to the issues in marriage. You just need to enter the credentials in the kundli matching software. Make sure that you do it right because any minor error in the data entry can erupt into a full blown crisis.

If you really want to train your mind to understand the effect of data entry mistakes, fill in correct and incorrect details in two separate attempts and note the difference in results. 

  • Grasp the Tiny Details: Perform panchang calculations using panchang software. All instances of time have five characteristics, which are vaara, tithi, nakshatra, yoga and karana. These five traits or characteristics are elaborated for all days of the year in a diary which is known as panchang. Kundli Milan software helps you study panchang and its specific calculations accurately. Thus, you can generate precise reports with this software.

    As an astrologer, you can sell these reports to the clients for janam kundli matching. Kundli milan or janam kundli matching software provides many opportunities for the new age astrologers like you to make it big. Before you do that, ensure to practice your skills at all features of your janam kundli software. You have to know every nut and bolt of the software so that you are confident enough about your predictions.  

  •  Cross Check Manually, If Possible: Janam kundli matching or kundli milan invloves a wide range of complex calculations. Kundli maching software allows you to generate janam kundli reports. While using software for such complex calculations saves a great deal of time and effort, you could also perform them manually to verify if both match. In case this is too cumbersome, get the manual calculations done from someone else, someone who has mastered the art.  

    While this guideline may sound counterintuitive and even unnecessary, it is more necessary than you think. Why? Well, if you intend to practice your astrology skills for a living or as a part time profession, it is better if you are well versed with the field. This will also help you grasp the subtleties of the art from both angles – the manual one and the software one.

  • Conduct Dasha and Apahara Predictions: Janam kundli or kundli milan software can help you perform dasha and apahara predictions. You can cleverly calculate and find the beginning and ending of the dashas and the apaharas in a marriage. With kundli matching software, you can provide prediction to each dasha and apahar.

    Next, you can perform the bhava predictions. Kundli matching software enables you to analyse the 12 bhavas and forecast various aspects of life such as relationships, marriage, career, wealth, health and education. It can study the yogas and its effects on life.

With this software, you should analyze the Kundli to find out the planetary combinations that result in yogas. It gives a detailed explanation of such yogas and their effects on life.

In a nutshell

If you are an astrologer, then kundli matching software can help you match the kundlis of the bride and the groom. Kundli matching or kundli milan software allows you to generate precise reports and perform accurate predictions in kundli matching. By knowing the positions of the celestial bodies or planets you can predict the future of the marriage.

While the kundli matching software for marriage comes endowed with all these powerful features, it is only as good as the person who uses it – you! Practice it till it opens the doors of insight for you. Slowly but surely, you will develop a stronghold over the nitty-gritty of the software and make one precise prediction after another.

And because the software is broad-based with numerous features, make it a point to practice along the five tips mentioned herein. After all, you need to be broad-minded and broad-knowledged to predict correctly!

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