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Five Luxury experience you must not miss

India is one of the hottest hubs for tourism, and we Indians love welcoming and show our hospitality to our tourists that is why we strictly follow the slogan “Athithi Devo Bava”. The tourism industry in India is booming and every now and then, the organizations are coming up with exotic tour packages catering the tourist needs. To improve the tourism industry, the government has promoted many luxury experiences for luxury travellers to make the guest feel home and royal. Therefore, we will show you the top five luxury experience you must not miss having a memorable vacation in India.

Maharaja Express

They say that enjoying the journey is more important than reaching the destination and the Maharaja express spots on with this quote. There is no better way of exploring North India through Maharaja express that converts boring train journey into a royal journey. These award-winning luxury trains offer private cabin, TV, 24/7 Wi-Fi and prompt room service that will make your train journey homely. 

The food is prepared by the Master Chefs that have exotic ingredients that offer a better taste to your mouth. The train covers the popular sightseeing spots in India, and provides guided tours, to get you the best out of the most. Even though it is quite expensive to use this service, but trust me, the services and the courteous staff makes spending your money worthwhile.

Make your stay look royal by staying at Udaipur’s floating palace

The state of Rajasthan never fails to woo its tourists by creating the royal-like atmosphere and provide the best in their service. Rajasthan, being the land of kings has now converted the royal palaces into luxury hotels, to give the tourists a run for their money. Udaipur’s floating palace is one of such examples of staying like a king. The floating palace, which was built in 1746, has gained its popularity in both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. 

There are 66 rooms and 17 suites with the best in class interior designing that make the tourists feel calm and proud of spending their money on this luxury palace. The rooms in the floating palace offer exciting views of the Udaipur Lake and give you the royal view of the mountains of Udaipur. The palace boasts for its dedicated room services round the clock to cater to the needs of the guests.

Indulge in luxurious spa in Ananda, Himalayas.

This award-winning spa, which is situated in the pilgrimage sites of Hardwar and Rishikesh, offers best in class spa to its guests. The location of the spa is strategically placed in such a way you get the opportunity to view the great Himalayas and the beautiful nature. The spa provides you with their best services of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation to keep your mind and body healthy and calm. The spa is equipped with Royal suites and cabins that make you stay royally and homely. 

Trust me; this is one of the best spas in India to detoxify your stressors.

A houseboat cruise in Alleppey.

Get the view of the clean and calm backwaters by riding in a houseboat in Allepey. Riding in a houseboat is one of its unique and exciting type of experience that you can witness in your life. The houseboats are equipped with modern amenities that make you feel like being on an international cruise ship. Allepey, being called the “Venice of the East” offers a stunning view of backwater villages, boat races and diverse backwater feel. Known as Kettuvelam in the local language, riding in a houseboat takes you to the world of Kerala villages, coir fields and paddy fields. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime experience.

Go for a Scuba Diving in Andaman’s

The Andaman Islands being one of the underrated tourist destinations has an exciting thing to offer its guests i.e. Scuba diving experience. Taking part in Scuba Diving experiences takes you to the world of Marine life and you get to see the beautiful looking species of the Aquatic animals. The seawaters of Andaman are so clean that it offers clear view of the Marine world. Neil Island, Havelock Island and Port Blair are some of the places that are best to experience Scuba diving.

Have you indulged in any of the luxurious activities in India? Share your views in the comments below.

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