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Gym Management System developed by Member Centrum is an excellent solution for gyms with an increase in number of members. This solution is basically biometric-based which helps to identify the user and manage their timely memberships. In its working, each member is issued a membership card which is valid for a fixed number of gym sessions, or for a particular period of time (say 30 days), or a combination of the two (say 30 sessions in 45 days); totally based on the payment policy. Once the time-frame or number of sessions expires, the machine notifies the member about the payment of renewal.

Gym Management System reduces hassle and any chances of quarrels between the members and the gym management and Member Centrum Gym is using gym management system so as to keep the trace of all the members. Daily wise, session wise, weekly wise, annual wise reports can get generated. Also, in this solution, there is a provision of both postpaid and prepaid payment policies. Gym management system can be worked  as a Club Management System. Gym Management System serves following features:

Reduces the hectic excel sheet reporting, Manage membership policies easily, Keep records of every member, Prior Notification of Payments, Multiple report generation, Postpaid and Prepaid policy etc.

This gym management system is proposed to be an automate database management & transactions. Employee, member, and payroll, receipts, and products information are all stored by Gym Management. It also provides the facility and advanced search for searching the records more prominently and immediately. With graphical user interface (GUI) , report searching and data analyzing are used in this system.

It includes various modules :

Login of the member, Accounts Login, Administrator  Login, Reception Login, Report of the Login .

Gym management software is designed to help gym managers and owners organize and these owners manage all the aspects of their business. On boarding for members and recurring payments to email campaigns, inventory management, and other administrative tasks, gym management software manages and work for all.

Gym management systems provide fitness businesses the functionality to manage schedules, memberships, and facilities. The capabilities of gym management systems include storing member information in a database, managing financial records, scheduling classes, and reserving facilities. Gym and club management systems can be utilized by organizations in a variety of fitness-focused organizations and businesses. These include athletic clubs and park districts, as well as dance, yoga, aerobics, swimming, and fitness centres. Gym management systems may integrate with other types of software to perform specific tasks at a higher level. These integrations may include billing software to manage payments and membership dues, transactional email tools to increase interaction between members and managers, or social media marketing tools to increase brand awareness.

To qualify for inclusion in the Gym Management System category, a product must:

Store membership data for a fitness organization, Provide scheduling and facilities management tools Collect and record payment dues from gym or club members.

Stress-Free Gym Billing : Processing of the payment, streamline and automate billing to save time and money.

Simplified Scheduling : Members reserve their spot within the Member App .

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