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Facing Difficulty In License Renewal Application, Get Help!

There are certain situations where you might be disallowed from renewing your driver’s license. These include offenses like speeding tickets, drunk or dangerous driving, repeated drunk driving incidents, hoon legislation, drug driving or even driving while having an invalid license.

In cases where you are not allowed to renew your license because of traffic offenses, you can hire traffic lawyers Perth to take care of your issue. If your offence is categorised under criminal law, then there are criminal lawyers or traffic and criminal lawyers who can help you out. These lawyers usually have the expertise and experience required to be able to represent you successfully.

When you will need a traffic lawyer

The kind of traffic lawyer you will want to choose would have to be a professional who has had vast amounts of experience in handling different kinds of traffic violation cases. Traffic offences come with a massive fine usually, and it is determined by how severe the crime is. You can have your license suspended for certain offences, or even revoked. Traffic lawyers are here to help you with drink driving offenses, speeding fines, dangerous or careless driving, speeding fines, and demerit points.

Demerit point system

To understand why or when you will need a lawyer, you need to know about the demerit system of Australia first. Everyone starts out with zero demerit points when they get their licence. With every driving offence, you get some amount of demerit points. There is no way to reduce demerit points, but they expire within three years of the date of offence. Check out the full list of offences and how many points they carry. For example, the demerit points for speeding in WA can range anywhere from 2 to 7 depending on how fast you were going.

For a camera offence demerit points are allocated to the registered operator of the vehicle. You have the option of nominating a different driver if they were the one driving and not you. Demerit points, however, will not be recorded against a driver up until the point that the expiation is paid for.

It is important to note that parking infringements to not stack up demerit points, and neither does the driving and unregistered vehicle. For these, there are only financial penalties. You should check your driving history to get a full report on your licence status, demerit points, and offences and licence classes over the past ten years.

Demerit warning notice

If you stack up to six or more demerit points, you will get a notice of warning that you are going to be disqualified from driving if there are any more demerit points. The warning notice usually tells you about the offence details, the date on which it was committed and the number of demerit points you have gotten for each offence.

Suspension of licence

Your licence can be suspended if your demerit point system has reached its threshold. The rules may vary from state to state, but interstate offenses remain the same amongst road authorities. All states, drivers that have an unrestricted, full license are liable to be disqualified after accumulating 12 demerit points. For a provisional licence or a learner permit you a be disqualified from driving for three months on 4 or more demerit points.

Accumulating 12-15 points make suspend you from driving for three months. 16-20 would sum up to four months and more than 20 points would mean you cannot drive for five months. You will know when you are disqualified from driving when you receive a formal notice, which you need to formally acknowledge, and your ban starts from 28 days from when it is sent to you. When you are already disqualified, your fresh demerit point disqualification starts immediately after the existing one ends. Drivers disqualified from driving for having acquired a large number of demerit points can be eligible to enter a good behaviour or safer driver agreement.

Refusal of a licence

You can be refused a renewal of your licence if you happen to exceed the threshold of your demerit points, or have committed a grave speeding offence. The period between when a license can be refused is the same as that of applying to a license suspension. Roads and Maritime are liable to issue you a Notice of Refusal in these situations. Formal refusal is applied a given only when you try to apply for a licence renewal at a service centre or registry.

How a lawyer can help you

A good lawyer will check your demerit points and your driving history, and advise you whether or not it is possible to make a good defence. If you strongly believe you have been wronged, then do not hesitate to consult a lawyer. Here are some cases where a lawyer can help you out:

  1. Dangerous driving: If you drive a motor vehicle in a way that can potentially cause or has caused serious harm or injury to the general public, you are guilty of dangerous or careless driving. Careless driving lawyers can help you out with the best possible solution in any careless or dangerous driving case and guide you through the whole legal procedure.
  2. Drink driving: Being charged for driving under the influence can get you fined based on how much alcohol you have consumed. Repeated drunk driving cases can get your licence suspended, but if it is once, they you will just get off with a heavy fine. If you are unable to renew your licence after this, a lawyer can help you out.
  3. Demerit Point System: Depending on how grave the traffic offence you have committed is, demerit points will be recorded against your driving license accordingly.

After getting 12 points your licence will be suspended, but if you have a hard time renewing your licence because of demerit points, consult a traffic lawyer that can help you make a case against the people who are not allowing you to apply for a license.

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