Everything You Need to Know About Gallbladder Removal Surgery

Are you having a going to undergo a gallbladder removal surgery? Then you should read this article to know everything about the procedure. Before your surgery, you must be prepared for everything that is yet to come. What should you or should not do before the surgery? 

What to expect after the operation? How your doctor will remove your gallbladder? Everything is covered in this article. But before delving into the matter regarding gallbladder surgery, first, try to understand what a gall bladder is and why that is being removed from you?

What is a Gallbladder and is its function?

The galbladder is a small organ shaped like a tear which is located just under your liver. The primary function of the organ is to store bile. Bile is something that is produced by the liver, which helps you digest fat. The organ releases bile when any fat consumed by you enters the digestive tract. After the removal of your gallbladder in Southlake General Surgery, the responsibility of digesting fat will be taken over by your liver.

Gallbladder Removal Surgery and their Types

The name of the operation through which the gallbladder is removed from your body is known as Cholecystectomy. There are two ways through which the organ can be removed. They are through- laparoscopy or open surgery or incision. Your surgeon will decide which one is appropriate for you. 

The two processes are discussed in details below:

  1. Laparoscopic Surgery

In Southlake General Surgery, this kind of gallbladder removal surgery in USA is done by making four small incisions near your navel, which is about half an inch long. Then the surgeon will enter a laparoscope a thin tube that contains a video camera at its tip) through these incisions. 

Then Carbon dioxide gas is passed through the tunnel, which expands your abdomen so that your doctor can easily view other organs and tissues. Some other equipment will be inserted through the other incisions made on you to cut the gallbladder. The organ will be removed through the incision which is closest to your navel. This surgery takes about one to two hours.

2. Open Surgery

Though this procedure is uncommon, in the case of 10% of patients, the doctor is forced to do this kind of surgery. In this process, the gallbladder is removed through a large incision, which is made right in the middle of your abdomen. The whole process takes about two hours to get completed. 

What should you do before your gallbladder surgery?

Your doctor will guide you thoroughly through the process. But some information is given below which you should oblige at all cost before the commencement of the surgery. They are:

  • Before the surgery, be honest with your doctor about the amount of alcohol you drink. When you fix a date for your surgery stops drinking alcohol at all. If you develop some side effects from abstaining alcohol, consult your physician about the problems. 
  • If you smoke regularly, you are going to have breathing problems during your surgery. Stop smoking a few days before your surgery.
  • Disclose your doctor if you have sleep apnea or not. If you use a sleep apnea mask, bring that to the hospital on the day of your surgery.
  • Seven days before your surgery stop taking certain medications like herbal remedies, supplements, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Know the address of the Southlake General Surgery so that you would not find any difficulty while finding the hospital.
  • Go to bed early and have an eight-hour sleep the day before your surgery.
  • Do not put any lotion, cream, make-up, metal ornaments or body piercings.
  • Leave all the valuable items like a credit card, jewelry or your checkbook at your home if you are coming alone.

Steps to be taken by you after the gallbladder surgery

After you get home after your surgery, you should do the following things to recover fully:

  • Take a friendly and warm shower after reaching back. You can use soap or shampoo to clean the incision by uncovering it. If you see any redness or rashes to your incision call your doctor.
  • Do not drink alcohol while you are on pain-killers.
  • You can do light household tasks after the procedure but do not do heavy exercises.
  • Do not return to work the next day after your surgery. Take a week to rest.

By following all the tips mentioned above, you will have no problems through the process of your surgery.

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