Editing PDF? Here Are Some Helpful Tips And Tricks To Remember

Converting files can be essential sometimes, especially when almost all of your data and files are stored on a computer. Whether you are an office worker, a student, or someone who keeps a lot of files on your laptop or PC, you need to know the necessary file conversions.

Editing PDF

While there are photo, media, and audio conversions, there are also types of transformations that deal with documents, PDF files, Powerpoint presentations, and the such. If you don’t know how to convert a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation, this article is for you. Here are some ways that you can convert a PDF file into a PPT presentation.

Converting PDF to Powerpoint

To save a PDF file into a PPT file, you first need to download software that supports PDF file conversions to different data types. You can find software like that on the internet. Search on how to convert PDF to PPT free on your browser, and it will lead you to numerous choices.

Once you have a PDF file converter, you can start converting PDF files to PPT files. Launch the software on your computer and click “Open File” on the Home tab. You can browse through the data and choose what PDF file you wish to convert.

Next, you need to activate PDF to PPT. After the PDF file is opened, you can go and click the “Convert” tab and then click the button that says “PPT.” There will be a pop-up tab that will show up on your screen to start the conversion.

The conversion will start once you allow the software to convert the PDF file. To start the conversion, click “Convert” on the bottom right part of the pop-up window. In a couple of minutes, you will now have your PDF file in a PPT file.

Converting Scanned PDF file to Editable PPT

There are times that we want to edit something on a scanned document. A scanned PDF file can also be converted to PPT for you to edit necessary changes. To do so, open the PDF software converter and then click on the scanned PDF file. A pop-up will show up and will ask you to perform OCR for the document to be editable.

Next, convert the PDF file into an editable PPT file by choosing the language of your PDF content. Once done, OCR will be automatically performed. Once the OCR is done, your PDF is already converted and can be edited whenever you want. You can also turn the PDF file into an editable PPT directly.

Other Ways to Convert PDF to PPT

There are hundreds of PDF converters on the internet; all you need to do is find the best one. One of the most efficient PDF to PPT converters that you can see is Xilisoft Converter PDF to Powerpoint. This is a reliable converter that instantly allows you to layout, edit, and convert PDF and PPT files.

Another PDF converter that is popularly used is VeryPDF. This software program can support PDF conversions even to those PDF files that have protected passwords. It is also a multilingual converter tool that supports different languages such as Chinese, German, Dutch, Czech, Korean, Polish, Italian, Norwegian, and more.

If you are looking for a fully-loaded PDF viewer, editor, and converter, Foxit Phantom Software is also one of the best that you can get today. This PDF editing software is packed with tons of PDF features that you can use for your files. It can convert PDF files to PPT, Excel, Word, TXT, RTF, HTML, EPUB, and more.

Lastly, you can also convert PDF to PPT by using PDF Converter Pro. This software displays and offers professional conversion, and it lets you save all your files without any hassle. PDF Converter Pro also has a built-in OCR plug-in for easy conversion of scanned PDF files.


Converting PDF files has never been easy. Now that there are tons of software choices online, you will never run out of options. You don’t also have to worry about converting PDF files and using different platforms because you can find a software that lets you do the editing, viewing, and even turning it to any file type that you wish.

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