E-Liquid – Everything That You Need to Know to Enjoy It

It is good to consume what you already know and understand. Vaping is still a controversial topic that many have yet to understand. It is the consumable part of the whole process that people have yet to understand, and by that we mean e-juice. But with more research and consultation, people can get to know what makes e-juice and whether or not it causes harm to the body.

There is still a lot of information to help you understand this crucial part of vaping. So, let us dive into this more to understand what e-juice is and what is in them.

What is E-Juice?

Before we look at what is in e-liquid, it is worth briefly explaining what it is. Vapers may not have a problem knowing what it is, but beginners need to know. This is the fluid that fills a vape tank before you start vaping. It is referred to by different names that all mean the same thing: vape juice, e-juice, mod juice, and many more. All e-juices are flavored and also contain other ingredients that we are going to look at. They are sold in small bottles because laws give a certain limit per bottle as one of the control measures in place.

Contents of E-Juice

All e-juices contain the same ingredients, but the ratio may vary depending on the desired results. Looking at them will help you to know what you have been consuming or you are about to start.

·        Propylene Glycol (PG) – This is the most popular base ingredient in e-juice. It is a chemical that has been approved as food-safe and it is also used in packed foods. Its purpose in the e-juice is to hold the flavor and nicotine. It offers a smooth throat hit, which enhances the vaping experience.

·        Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – According to experts at the ePuffer website, this is a plant oil that is also used as a base for the e-liquids to perform the same purpose as PG. While the food industry uses it for thickening, the vaping industry uses it as a base and it is responsible for the thick clouds that vapers release out after taking a puff.

·        Nicotine – The majority of e-juices contain nicotine to create the same good feeling that people get when they smoke. Nicotine is addictive, but the good thing is that it can be regulated to various levels in the e-juice. There are mild, mid, and high ranges.

·        Flavors – This is the most interesting part of vaping. Many people appreciate the fact that they can enjoy different flavors like chocolate, vanilla, rose, and many more. Over 600 different flavors are available today including cocktails that are carefully mixed by experts. Most e-juices are referred to by their flavors, which makes knowing them crucial.


E-juices also carry some toxins, although fewer than what is in cigarettes. When vaping, you need to know that the truth is that they are not 100% safe. It is recommended to get an opinion from medical experts and understand what is in them.

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