Dungeon Maker APK

Dungeon Maker APK 2022 With Latest (Full Version)

Dungeon Maker APK is a rogue-like dungeon structure game that make dungeon from surface to surface many choice. This is the unbelievable game to play which are filled additional than hundred plus fiend and thrilling hero. In this game you will go away on a dangerous journey, as not remember to protect your prison. In the game play, you have to stick to your planned system, which will guide you to conquest.

In this game you can construct traps amenities in prison, find out relics with strange authority, and hire fiend and a variety of amusing affectionate actions full with surprise. You can obtain this game for smart phone, iphone or tablets etc. You can also take enjoyment in 7 dark lords with thrilling skill, additional than 130+ relics with strange authority. The downloading technique is easy with into utilize of easy opposing border. About hundred plus heroes or monster and complete explicit design create this game additional attractive.

Download Dungeon Maker APK  Free most excellent turn-based game in which you will oppose the high-quality playing for wickedness, you are a witch and your stronghold is a penitentiary which is situated in a prison. You have to utilize the chosen heroes in it and there are additional than hundred of them in the game construct trap and make defensive rudiments. Turn out to be a master of your prison.


Dungeon Maker is a card game with basics of a turn-based policy and a wonderful story in which you have to leave on an unsafe trip and do not remember about defensive your possess prison. You require to construct traps, protection rudiments, defense module, as by means of a variety of hero of which there are additional than a hundred class in the game. Dissimilar relics of your option represent additional than 130 and about 70 dissimilar defensive basics, so that the planned system will depend only on you.

Dungeon Maker APK

Dungeon Maker Pro APK are additional than 130 dissimilar relics of your option represent and about 70 dissimilar suspicious basics, so the strategic system will depend only on you. Place a figure of traps and amenities in the prison, hire monster that produce from side to side fight, find out artifact with strange power, and beat the warrior who are look for dungeon. It is a card game that uses a turn-based plan.

You desire to stop and obliterate your kingdom opponent heroes who will assault all the occasion. Create the fight correct at the present, place traps, monsters that will brawl with the heroes, obtain a precious historical thing for productively finished height that will considerably add to your power and permit you to shift on and defend your prison. So, it is an enormous way to test your leadership ability. A characteristic of this game can securely be careful the skill to generate your possess prison with traps and clandestine passage.

Dungeon Maker APK

Feature Key?

  • Eighty type of warrior and fiend
  • in excess of fifty traps and amenities that can be deploy in the prison
  •  in excess of hundred mysterious artifact
  • a variety of actions
  • a variety of Haegeum constituent

System Requirement?

  • OS: Windows 7,8,8.1,10,Vista.
  • RAM: 400 MB
  • HDD: 200 MB
  • CPU: 1GHz

How to install?

  • Download the Dungeon Maker APK  file.
  • Run the setup file.
  • Install the program.
  • Done.


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