Dry herb vapes vs. Wax Pens

Dry herb vapes vs. Wax Pens

Dry herbs and concentrated cannabis are like two sides of the same coin. Both are produced from cannabis strains, and both offer therapeutic benefits to the human body and mind. Although there have been debates between team dry herb and team concentrates about which cannabis product is better, that’s not the topic of discussion in this article. We’re here to learn the difference between dry herbs vapes and wax pens.

What is a Dry Herb Vape?

Dry herb vapes or the best herbal vaporizers are electric or battery-powered devices that turn weeds and dry cannabis plants into tasty and clean vapors. Dry herbs work with a heating mechanism (usually conduction or convection) to extract the active ingredients from marijuana without burning or releasing harmful toxins.

The major components of a dry herb vape are – the vape battery, which supplies the power, the chamber which holds the herbs, the heating system, and the mouthpiece, which is used for inhaling the heated material.


Aside from being extremely easy to use and operate, other significant benefits of dry herb vaporizers include.

– No Smoke

Dry herbs vapes don’t burn or combust the cannabis materials loaded in the chamber, which means there is no room for smoke. This also means that the risks of inhaling ash and other toxins have been eliminated. This is great news because research has found that smoking is not good for our respiratory organs. So you can enjoy your favorite weed without worrying about the damage that would have been caused by smoking.

– Less smell

Nobody likes something that smells nasty, and that’s one of the reasons why there has always been a stigma attached to smoking. Both smokers and non-smokers will agree that the smell from smoking weed with paper or other traditional methods (that require the use of fire) is unpleasant to the nose. Although vaporizers may not eliminate the smell of the weed completely, it reduces the nastiness to a great extent, plus the scent doesn’t stick to your clothes or linger for a long time like smoking.

What is a Wax Pen?

Wax pens, dab vapes, or concentrate vaporizers are a version of vaporizer that is compatible with concentrates and wax. This means that you can also enjoy your favorite concentrates with great comfort while on the go. Just like a dry herb vape, wax pens are powered by an internal or removable rechargeable battery that can deliver long-lasting sessions. Dab vapes also feature a mouthpiece and a heating element known as an atomizer, which houses the coils and chamber.


Some of the major benefits of wax pens over the use of traditional glass rigs for consuming concentrate include.

– Discreet

Wax pens are very compact. Although they come in different sizes and shapes, the average dab pen looks just like an office pen or a board marker, which makes them great for mobility. With something so small, shaped like a pen, you can comfortably vape your wax without blowing your cover while on the go.

– Quick use

When it comes to buying a vaping unit, usability is at the forefront of the things to consider. An average wax pen is easy to use and requires only a tiny fraction of your time for setup. Once your unit is charged, you can either read the manual that comes with your device or read a few guides on how to use a wax pen online to get started. Nonetheless, most wax pens are very intuitive to use, so you would likely become a pro in using your device after the first few trials.

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