Different Types Of Trumpets

There are many different types of trumpets that are available, with the most common being the Bb. If you are new to the trumpet, or not familiar with them, you probably wouldn’t even know the difference. Here at The Best Trumpets our mission is to give you as much trumpet information as possible, so we’re going to go over all of the different types of trumpets.

Different Types Of Trumpets
  • Bb Trumpet – As stated previously, the Bb is the most common and is also the one that most trumpet players start out playing. The Bb trumpet is used for many different types of music, including classical, jazz, blues, fusion, pop, rock, and more.
  • C Trumpet – The C Trumpet is commonly used in orchestra and in classical music. It makes playing orchestra music a little easier, as most of them are written in keys that are difficult to play on the Bb.
  • Piccolo Trumpet – Also common in classical music, the piccolo is pitched an octave higher than a regular horn, and is normally keyed in Bb and A utilizing different leadpipes. Piccolos are also available in the keys of C, F, and G.
  • Flugelhorn – The flugelhorn is commonly used in jazz and pop music, and has a more mellow sound than a regular trumpet. Jazz arrangers love to write for the use of flugelhorns in slower ballads, as they tend to give off a french horn quality sound.
  • Cornet – The cornet has more conical tubing than the trumpet, and more bends in the tubing giving it a mellower sound than the trumpet. Cornets and trumpets are built in the same key, so their music is interchangeable.
  • Pocket Trumpet – The pocket trumpet is a compact Bb trumpet which means that it can play the same music as a standard Bb trumpet. Many cheap manufacturers put out inexpensive pocket trumpets that lure the buyer because of the low price, but the quality of materials is usually low, and the workmanship is usually poor. There ARE reputable manufacturers that build pocket trumpets, however, and they are a good idea for very young musicians who are still too small to support a regular size trumpet, or for someone looking for a small horn that can be carried around and/or played in many different venues.
  • Soprano Trumpet – The soprano trumpet is normally made in the key of G, and are based on the old military bugles. In modern times, the soprano can be heard in drum and bugle corps music.
  • Bass Trumpet – The bass trumpet is generally played with a shallow trombone mouthpiece, and its music is written in treble clef.
  • Slide Trumpet – The slide trumpet is similar to a soprano trombone, as it has a slide instead of valves.
  • Rotary Trumpet – The rotary trumpet, or German trumpet, comes in both Bb and C and utilize rotary valves similar to that on a french horn.

Here, The Best Trumpets has gone over all of the various types of trumpets that are available. If you’re not familiar with the trumpet, or are a new student, you may not even know the difference between the different horns. We’ve shown here that there are many different types of trumpets besides the common Bb trumpet that are available.

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