Designer Diaper Bag Backpack – Style Craze for New Moms

A designer diaper bag is one of the most common entries in the mother’s wish list. Indeed, there is no denying that having these nappy bags are not just for luxury and style, but also its amazing functionality. However, with all the different options of diaper bags, it can be a little bit baffling to choose which one is just right for you.

Just like finding a perfect designer handbag, discovering the perfect designer diaper bag can take a little time. This helpful info will give you great pointers on how to choose the perfect designer diaper bag backpack style for your specific needs.

Are you an Outdoorsy and Active Mom? 

Choose a Backpack Designer Diaper Bag. The key phrase here is free arms! If you are planning a trip to the zoo or park and know that you will need your hands free in order to multitask, then maybe a backpack diaper bag would be perfect for you. They usually come equipped with several pockets and compartments for easy organization and the nylon material is super easy to clean.

At present, most of the diaper bag backpack on the market include an inside hammock to keep diapers from getting lost at the bottom. Because they have lots of pockets, compartments, and space. These bags are great for overnight trips as well.  You can find a lot of really cute ones these days that look trendy and stylish instead of the traditional ‘going on a hike’ look.

Are you the Fashion Diva Mom?

Choose a Tote Designer Diaper Bag. It can strengthen those new shoes while functioning as the perfect baby carry-all. Tote diaper bags are usually smaller and are great those shorter trips to the mall or Starbucks when you know you’ll only need the minimal essentials like a couple of diapers and a bottle. Many are made with waterproof material and contain space for diapers, wipes and a changing pad. They usually have pockets in the front and back as well as side pockets for bottles, cell phone, keys, and a wallet. Because of this pocket space, they’re great if you want to lighten your load and carry one bag to serve as both your purse and your diaper bag. Usually, they are 14-18″ wide and 8-12″ high and most have adjustable shoulder straps.

Are you the Super Organized or Business Mom?

Choose a Messenger Designer Diaper Bag.  If you are always on the go and require many pockets for great organization, then this is the bag for you. The main compartment feature of it is the numerous pockets for diapers, snacks, and toys. It also includes outside pockets for bottles, cell phone, and keys.  Most of them are made with a strap that includes built-in pockets to contain bottles and cell phones as well. The great thing about these bags is that you don’t have to set it down to open it. They are made to hang around your neck and shoulder and lay across your chest. You can wear it effortlessly on your back and then swing it to the front for easy access when you need to use it. The messenger style designer diaper bag backpack is great for all kinds of errands and with your bag hanging across your chest instead of dangling off your shoulder, you don’t have to worry about it annoyingly sliding down your arm when you bend down.

Are you a Mother of 2 or More?

Choose a Stroller Designer Diaper Bag. These are great for moms having more than one child and especially if you have a toddler that uses a stroller. You can carry your newborn in a baby sling and your toddler in a stroller while easily attaching the bag to your stroller allowing you to have free hands. They are mostly made of waterproof material and contain lots of pockets. Always be careful not to overload the bag or it may become heavier than the baby and tip the stroller.

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