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Endosteal implants versus subperiosteal implants 

The two dental implants utilized regularly are endosteal and subperiosteal: 

Endosteal. Normally made of titanium, endosteal implants are the most regularly utilized dental implant. They’re normally formed like little tightens and are set the jawbone. They project through the gum to hold the substitution tooth. 

Subperiosteal. On the off chance that you need dental implants yet you need more solid jawbone to help them, your dental specialist may prescribe subperiosteal implants. These implants are put on or over the jawbone and under the gum to jut through the gum, holding the substitution tooth. 

Is it accurate to say that you are a feasible possibility for endosteal implants? 

Your Dentist In Dubai or oral specialist will determine if endosteal implants are the best decision for you. Alongside a missing tooth — or teeth — significant criteria you should meet include having: 

  • great general wellbeing 
  • great oral wellbeing 
  • sound gum tissue (no periodontal ailment) 
  • a jawbone that is completely developed 
  • enough bone in your jaw 
  • an inability or unwillingness to wear dentures 

You ought to likewise not utilize tobacco items. 

Critically, you should be prepared to submit half a month or months — quite a bit of that time for healing and waiting for new bone development in your jaw — to finish the full method. 

Consider the possibility that you’re not a reasonable contender for endosteal implants. 

On the off chance that your dental specialist doesn’t accept that endosteal implants are directly for you, they may prescribe choices, for example, 

  • Subperiosteal implants. Implants are put on or over the jawbone rather than into the jawbone. 
  • Bone growth. This involves augmenting or restoring bone in your jaw using bone added substances and development factors. 
  • Edge extension. Bone join material is added to a little edge made along the highest point of your jaw. 
  • Sinus expansion. Bone is included beneath the sinus, likewise called a sinus height or sinus lift. 

The bone increase, edge extension, and sinus expansion are techniques for making the jawbone huge or sufficiently able to deal with endosteal implants. 

Endosteal implant method 

The initial step, obviously, is for your dental specialist to determine that you’re a reasonable applicant. That analysis and suggested treatment must be affirmed by a dental specialist. 

In these meetings you’ll likewise survey the whole method, including installment and time duties. 

Implant position 

Subsequent to numbing the region, your initial medical procedure will include your oral specialist cutting your gum to uncover your jawbone. They’ll at that point drill openings in the bone and implant the endosteal post profound into the bone. Your gum will be shut over the post. 

Following medical procedure, you can anticipate: 

  • swelling (face and gums) 
  • bruising (skin and gums) 
  • distress 
  • bleeding 

After the medical procedure, you’ll be given instructions for legitimate aftercare and oral cleanliness during the recuperation time frame. Find a dentist may likewise endorse antimicrobials and pain prescription. 

Your dental specialist may likewise suggest eating just delicate nourishments for about seven days. 


Your jawbone will develop into the implant, which is called osseointegration. It will require some investment (generally 2 to a half year) for that development to turn into the strong base you requirement for the new, counterfeit tooth or teeth. 

Projection situation 

When solidification is agreeably finished, your dental specialist will revive your gum and append the projection to the implant. The projection is the bit of the implant that reaches out over the gum and that the crown (your genuine looking fake tooth) will be joined to. 

In certain systems, the projection is connected to the post during the original medical procedure, eliminating the requirement for the subsequent strategy. You and your oral specialist can talk about what direction is best for you. 

New teeth 

Around about fourteen days following projection arrangement when your gums have recuperated, your dental specialist will take impressions to make the crown. 

The final counterfeit tooth can be removable or fixed, depending on inclination.

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