The game Counter-Strike is a mod to the famous game Half-Life. The first beta modification of the game appeared in 1999, July 19. In the spring, an online computer for this game. The game began to gain wide popularity, and its prospects became significant.

In 2000, Valve acquired the rights to the Counter-Strike and hired Min LE and Jesse Cliff to work with them in Bellevue, Washington, USA, where Min LE resumed working on the Counter-Strike. Over this period, Counter-strike has resumed growing.

May 10: Counter-Strike Team – Beta 6.0, Updated with a fresh gun: Mac-10 and Steyr Aug. Added new chart: cs_747. Also, from now on you can take a gun in any hand.


July 5 goes Counter-Strike Team – Beta 6.5, added a chart: cs_italy. Smoke grenades are added, modifications are modified.

July 22: Counter-Strike Team – Beta 6.6. Sniper scope added.

On September 27, the Counter-Strike of Team Beta 7.0 is released. A fresh rifle has been added: the Beretta 96g is now 2 weapons. New model knife. Added a new diagram: de_jeepathon2000 can now be controlled by an SUV that is in the game Pubg pc.

October 13: Counter-Strike Team – Beta 7.1, added a chart: cs_siege. A sign was seen when headshot hit. Download your favorite game.

December 18, updates are no longer called “beta”; From now on they became a modification. This day was the release of version 1.0. The most notable additions were: H & K UMP 0.45 submachine gun, F. five-seven revolver, and Sig SG-550 sniper rifle. Other recoveries were updated modifications and the introduction of updated valve mixing technologies (whatever that means).

On December 18, the Team Strike Strike comes out –1.0, there are no more Beta Updates, and from now on this is a modification of the game. The gun is added: UMP 45 and SG-550. Updated high-quality retouched modifications.


On May 10, 2001, the Team Team –1.1 strikes were released, many errors were forwarded and CVARs were added. From now on, the game works and Cheats. Added new chart: de_dust2. Added satchel for C4. Modifications acquired soft animations.

On August 12, the Counter-Strike Team –1.2 comes out, and now the game as a separate game passes without Half-Life.

On October 19, the Team Strike Strike –1.3 leaves. Half-Life Movements are now dressed up only in the environment and social realism. Counter-Strike. Punctuality shootout increased. Modification 1.3 is a real breakthrough in the game, voice addiction is added, and from now on you can talk together through the microphone and coordinate actions in the game between the allies. We look at the screen as the game has changed, it is similar to cs 1.6.

In the updated versions all previous deficiencies are provided, different options are changed, new console commands and a gun have appeared. The Counter-Strike game became extremely common a few months ago, but at the same time, it is becoming more popular every year and is buying an increasing number of fans.

Designed many different mods, plug-ins, and additions to the game Pubg mobile apk, which draws this game into a productive entertainment platform. To all the other one cannot add that in the game Counter-Strike 1.6 there are qualifying competitions. This game is undoubtedly considered an unavoidable part of advanced cybersports.

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