Common Computer Errors

Computer Doesn’t Boot? Common Computer Errors During The Startup Process And What They Mean?

A computer is the most important element in our lives nowadays. From our business to socializing with our friends is preceded by a computer.

It would not be a joke if we say that a computer is one of our basic needs and in this scenario, you would know how complex this link can be. It is not easy to deal with computers every day.

Even a small hang-up or freeze can be an alarming situation when it comes to your computer’s health and trust me, although these situations might not seem that much of a problem, you might have to consult some professional guidance.

For that instance, you do not have to worry anymore, we’ve got your back. We will give you a solution to some of the common problems that you can sort on your own, otherwise, we have a proper solution for you.

1.   Blue Death Screen

Blue death screen is a common issue faced by a lot of people as they are windows users. Blue screen issue is in reality one of the main windows stop errors and there can be a lot of causes for this issue, but mostly it is caused due to some driver or hardware related problem.

Sometimes you might see an error along with the blue screen.

On the internet, you can find a bunch of information regarding the error code that is provided, but mostly you have to figure that out on your own or by seeking some professional guidance.

Now, if you desire to end up with this particular problem all by yourself you can do that by cutting down all the hardware devices and using them one by one, but we understand that it can be hard for a person who is not into technical stuff. For those people, we have a better solution.

We recommend you checking out will find solution for mostly every problem you have with your PC.

2.   Your computer is not turning on

This is one of the biggest problems faced by most computer users. Is that their computer is not turning on. You might have been in the same situation, the cause of this problem can be complex as well as simple.

We as a human sometimes get sick and it takes some time for us to get back to normal, our defense mechanisms fight the infections, same happens here but you are supposed to fight for your computer here.

There might be a problem with the power supply of your computer or it can be an attack of viruses or malware. In any case, your computer needs to be fixed. You can fix your computer on your own if it’s a simple issue and you are a tech guy, who understands things, but if the problem is complex you can always get help from professionals like we mentioned above.

3.   Absent DLL files

This is not a common issue but a simple one that would not take a lot of your time if you figure it out soon. Most of the time people face problems regarding absent DLL files and they do not realize the problem. DLL files are the “dynamic link library” files and they are really important for your application to work normally. In other words, we can say that these are the instructions for your windows that how they are supposed to run a particular application.

Most of the time your application quotes you the missing DLL file, but there are some chances that it might not be the case every time. Sometimes you might have to use some particular software programs to find the missing DLL files.

4.   Slow computer

We will be honest with you, a slow computer is a common problem. Now, your computer can be slow because of multiple reasons. You might have a low powered computer for your application or some malware is taking a lot of processing and eating up your computer.

In both scenarios, the solution is not that much hard. You have to upgrade your computer if you are working with a low powered computer and in case of malware you can either go for a complete wipe, this will lose your data, but it can resolve your main issue.

5.   Computer heating up

Your computer heating up is one of the common yet dangerous situations. It might do not feel that much to you, but trust me your computer can die forever because of heat up. Now, there can be some causes to that as well.

Your computer might be heating up because of some excessive usage of the processor, such as while gaming or editing tasks. If that is the case, heating up is quite normal, but that certainly does not mean excessive heat up.

If your computer is heating up more than usual it means you are in a problem. It is either your computer fan, you have clogged the holes, or it can be excessive debris gathered inside your computer.

The solution is pretty too easy for some of the causes, such as you can unclog the pores or blow-dry your computer to remove all the debris, but in case of your computer’s fan issue, you need to seek professional help.

I hope you find this article helpful. Let us know if you have any questions.

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