Check Out The Frequently Asked Questions About Manual Handling Training

For many people, the concept of the Manual Handling Training stands for learning the ways to lift a box. However, in reality, there are many other things that are included in this training. To get a more profound idea about this and why every company must have the manual handling course, go through the following questions that are frequently asked in different forums.

· What is Manual Handling Training?

We may miss noticing that but we have to do some sort of physical activities at our workplace, even if you have a sedentary work profile. As per the meaning of the name, this training teaches the right way to maneuvering loads in a safe manner. The proper techniques to lift, push, pull and store are also trained.

· Why training is important?

   In the warehouse or factory, the employees need manual handling every day. It is not confined to the construction sites to carry brick but the person who is working on the computer all day needs to execute manual handling. The main reason to have Manual Handling Training is to avoid injuries. And another strong reason to have it is that it increases productivity. The employees will have a less work-related illness.  

· Who need the training more?

Although almost every profession needs manual handling every day, there are a few that execute duties like transportation of heavy goods. In the professions like a delivery boy, warehouse staff, factory staff, construction workers, loading and unloading workers, office workers and manual laborers, Manual Handling Training is mandatory to avoid injuries.

· What is the right process for manual handling?

To maintain a healthy habit to lift, push, pull things, every employee has to follow some set of posture. The first rule of the training is to avoid manual handling as much as possible. Secondly, you have to assess the unavoidable risk before manual handling. And finally, you have to reduce the scope of injury in the most practical way.

· What is TILE in manual handling?

To assess the risk involve in manual handling, you need TILE to consider various factors related to it. It will ensure all the criteria of health and safety. The TILE stands for:

  • Task: Check the manual handling activity and find out how it will affect the employees.
  • Individual: Consider the person carrying out the task
  • Load: The object that the person needs to move
  • Environment: Check the area where the person needs to carry the load

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