Check Out The Exceptional Ways To Control Cholesterol Via Diet

The change in lifestyle, lack of time and competitive profession make hazards to our health and increased cholesterol level is the result of such factors. Dr. Bill Megelich suggested regular exercises with 20 minutes walk is necessary for it, but most of the patients complain about lack of time. For that reason, Dr. Bill Megelich has come up with an excellent diet plan. There are a few food items that are successful to lower the Cholesterol from the blood. Hence, incorporating those foods can help you to gain a healthy lifestyle by reducing the LDL Cholesterol.

According to Dr. Bill Megelich Twitter Profile, there are many foods that help in cholesterol in different ways. For example, some offer soluble fiber while others are a good source of polyunsaturated fats that lower the LDL.

Check out the foods recommended by Dr. Bill Megelich to control the cholesterol:

1.  Oats:
It is the best-recommended food for maintaining cholesterol as it is a rich source of soluble fiber. Every morning start your day with a bowl of oats to give a boost of energy. You can add banana or strawberries to add taste as well as nutrition.

2.  Beans and Legumes:
Legumes are the storehouse of fiber, protein, and minerals. Add them to your diet instead of the refined grains. It will reduce the risk of heart diseases. The soluble fibers of the beans will keep you full for long.

3.  Whole Grains:
You can add whole grains like barley, bran, and others that will prevent heart diseases. They are also a great source of soluble fiber.

4.  Nuts:
It has been already proven by the study that eating almonds, walnuts, and peanuts on a daily basis can lower the LDL cholesterol and improve heart health.

5.  Eggplant and Okra:
These are the two vegetables which have low calorie but full of soluble fiber.

6.  Vegetable Oil:
When you will use liquid vegetable oils like sunflower, canola other than unsaturated fats like butter, shortening, and lard, then these items will help you to lower the LDL.

7.  Soy:
Whether you eat soybean or tofu; you will get the better of it in fighting bad cholesterol.

8.  Fatty Fish:
Having fish two or three times a week, will help to lower the LDL as they have Omega 3 Fatty Acids that reduce the triglycerides.

9.  Fruits:
The pectin rich fruits such as apples, grapes, oranges, strawberries are a source of soluble fiber.

10. Dark Chocolate:
It has been proven that dark chocolate can lower the LDL Cholesterol magically.  

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