Business Christmas Lights

You can really look like a Grinch if you don’t decorate your house or business for Christmas!  Even if you don’t normally celebrate, owning a business or moving to a new part of town puts pressure on you to display some sort of outdoor Christmas lights.  This guide will help you understand outdoor Christmas lights that are appropriate for anyone of any faith.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Are NOT just about Christmas

Displaying outdoor lights around Christmas is an old tradition celebrated in colder climates.  This has more to do with it being the darkest time of the year.  If non-Christian customers ask you about displaying outdoor Christmas lights, you can explain that they are just outdoor lights for decorative reasons!

Popular Ideas for Religious Neutral Outdoor Christmas Lights

Of all the religious neutral decorations, the ones that emphasize snow are the most popular.  With any of these decorations, the focus will always be on light and luminescence.  This is why outdoor Christmas lights are so varied and so popular.  The next step after choose lights is choosing a theme.  Some popular outdoor Christmas lights applications include:

  • Snowflakes
  • Nutcracker theme
  • White lights only
  • Net lights for bushes
  • Icicles

Displaying Unique Pieces of Glass with Outdoor Christmas Lights

A growing trend amongst urban young people that are artistically inclined is to display glass during the holidays.  A popular technique includes using outdoor Christmas lights under large pieces of hand blown colored glass.  These are prominently displayed on front porches, stairs, and in front yards.  They’re very beautiful when placed on top of an old stump.  Think of them as they classy touch instead of large plastic ornaments.  You can also use smaller ones as you would garden gnomes.  Either way, they are a way to have fun with outdoor Christmas lights without a religiously oriented theme.

If you are not sure about large pieces of glass, a good place to start is a thrift store.  Even antique stores will have a large collection of clear glass.  Look for a large piece to put outdoor Christmas lights under.  You’ll find many beautiful affects if you choose a piece that has etching (think of a heavy cut crystal champagne glass).  All you need to do is imagined them turned over with Christmas lights under them.

Some popular items are:

  • Large salad bowls
  • Extra large vases that can be turned upside down
  • Clear glass serving platters
  • Inexpensive clear plastic storage bins
  • Glass beverage pitchers
  • Lampshades

You can even get creative and buy an old chandelier and relit it with outdoor Christmas lights.  Of course, anything that you find that is large and made of colored, clear, or etched glass will be perfect for creating a unique outdoor Christmas light display without the religious emphasis.

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