Boiled Potatoes in Cooker – Boiled Potato in Cooker Recipe

After boiling the potatoes in the cooker, apply only 2 cites. For a 10-minute recipe, you need only as much water as the potatoes are soaked. Boiled potatoes can be refrigerated.

Boiling potatoes is very simple, it is necessary to make every potato dish in which potato is used. This is a very simple process but for those people who know how to cook.

Those who do not know how to cook can also spoil it. Like once my husband has done. I was inspired to make this recipe by his mistake. It is very easy.

When the potatoes are boiling, the cheese becomes very dirty. This recipe is for people who are learning to cook. It takes about 11 minutes to boil potatoes in the cooker. Of which, it takes 1 minute to prepare to boil. There are many ways to boil potatoes like we can boil it in an open pot, also in the cooker and microwave. We are teaching you how to boil potatoes in a cooker in this recipe.

Pressure cooker preparation

Potato boiling ingredients

Add the potatoes and 1 liter of water to the pressure cooker. Make sure all the potatoes are well immersed in water. If there is less water then you can add more water. The size of the cooker should be so large that the potatoes come easily. Water in the cooker should be 75%.

Boil the potatoes

Close the cooker lid and keep it on high heat.

Generally our question is how many seats of cooker do we need to boil the potatoes. The answer is: After putting 2 seats on high heat, turn off the stove. Do not open the cooker until there is steam. Allow all the steam to come out of the cooker automatically.

When the steam is completely gone. Then open the lid of the cooker and see if the potatoes are boiled well.

To see if the potatoes are boiled well or not, you can cut any one of the potatoes with a knife. If the knife goes in comfort, then you understand that your potatoes have boiled well. If not, you will have to put the potato on the stove for a while longer. Again put the potato on high flame and put a seat and then turn off the stove. Remember again to let the steam drain completely.

  1. Generally it is necessary to apply 2 whistles to boil the eggs & potatoes as mentioned in the above step. But if the potato is very hard or the rubber of the cooker is very old, then you can repeat the process of boiling the potatoes.
  2. Boiled potatoes are ready to be used. You can peel them and use them in any potato dish.

How to boil small round potatoes in a cooker?

As far as boiling is concerned, the size of potato does not matter. You can also boil small round potatoes with the method given above.

How to boil a potato with its peel?

The method given above boils the potato with its peel.

How to boil potatoes for salad or grind?

The method of boiling potatoes is always the same, whether you use it in potato tikki or in salad. If you mean the potato is soft, then it will be much softer if you boil it longer. If you want to keep a little hard, then boil some time.

Do they need to be boiled to make Home Fries?

By the way, they do not need to boil to avoid potato pakoras. You can add pieces of potato directly to the mixture of gram flour with or without the same. If your method demands that the potatoes are boiled before frying, then use the method given above. Write your suggestions and questions in the comments below.

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