Best Types of Garden Lights

Deciding what is the best type of garden light for your garden is something that will depend on functionality. Will the light be required for security purposes or to enhance the look of the garden?
It will also depend on the lifestyle of the homeowner. Some may want to spend lots of time sitting out with family and friends.

Solar powered lighting

Solar powered lighting can be a bit more expensive but is worth the investment. In the early days of their conception, these lights weren’t so popular because of their poor light which often did not last for more than a couple of hours.
But today with advancing technology and the demand for a greener environment, great strides in the industry have led to better quality illumination that lasts for a lot longer than in the past. They are more reliable, efficient and the power savings will in no doubt pay off the initial outlay.


However, the garden can be a shady area and if not enough sunlight penetrates through to solar lighting it will render it useless. In such areas, consider lamp post garden lights that will give good quality light. These lamp posts come in attractive designs that can blend well into the design of the garden.
When shopping for a suitable garden lamp post make sure they are sturdily built and made of the material that will not rust and will stand up to bad weather. They should be able to stand firmly on the ground and not be easily knocked over.
These are also available in the solar-powered range and should cause huge savings in power consumption, not to mention their positive effect on the environment. There is no need to dig up the garden for cables and they can be placed even in the remotest corner.
When selecting lamps that are staked into the soil, make sure they are rust resistant and sturdily constructed as they can otherwise break. These are ideal for lighting up dark corners and pathways.

Garden lanterns are also interesting features. Citronella tee lights are ideal for lighting in these lanterns to keep away mosquitoes. Make sure that these lanterns are made of rust resistant materials and they have a wide firm base that if left on a table or a flat surface won’t easily flip over and cause a fire.
Security lighting is something to consider especially if there are thieves in the area. Solar lamps are ideal as they light up on their own and go off when the sun comes up.

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