The Top 10 Pampered Chef Kitchen Tools

The Pampered Chef name is widely known in households across the United States and the world. The company creates and markets an exclusive line of kitchen tools, cookbooks, and food products.

Originally, the company only offered products through a party planning system. For many consumers, an invite to the Pampered Chef party was their only way of buying products.

Pampered Chef began an online store soon after the company saw how popular their items were with consumers. Consumers also have the option to purchase Pampered Chef kitchen tools through eBay and Amazon.

There are many handy tools in the Pampered Chef lineup. Of them, some stand out as go-to tools to have in the kitchen.

Reviewing and understanding how each kitchen tool works can help consumers find the right kitchen tool for his or her cooking lifestyle.

1 Scoop ‘N Drain Spoon

Pampered Chef Scoop 'N Drain Spoon

The scoop ‘n drain spoon is a deep angle spoon with holes that allow one to scoop meat, pasta, eggs, and fried foods from a pan that contains liquid. The spoon helps to keep liquid fat, water, and other liquids in the pan while one removes the food. The scoop ‘n drain is dishwasher safe and heat-resistant up to 428 degrees F. It is made from durable nylon. According to consumer reviews, the scoop ‘n drain works well and is useful in the kitchen.

The Pampered Chef Scoop N Drain

2 Juicer

The Pampered Chef Juicer 2305

The juicer is a manual kitchen tool that allows one to quickly remove the juice of oranges, limes, lemons, and tangerines with a spike attached to an 8-oz clear base. The liquid from the juice collects in the base. The juicer is dishwasher safe and includes both standard and metric measurements. Consumer reviews indicate the juicer is compact and handy for quick juicing of citrus fruits.

3 Zester/Scorer

The zester/scorer tool allows one to remove the peel from citrus fruit and also to create strips from the peel for garnish. This tool is perfect for lemon or orange zesting. The zester/scorer is dishwasher safe, and includes a stainless steel blade and an ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to grip and hold. According to online consumer reviews, the zester/scorer is easy to use and makes nice zest strips.

4 Pizza Cutter

Pizza lovers who like to cook their own pizza at home may enjoy using the oversized Pampered Chef pizza cutter with an ergonomic handle. The cutting wheel on the pizza cutter is made with stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. This product comes with a protective plastic cover. In addition to pizza, the pizza cutter slices through quesadillas, calzones, bread, and other baked goods. According to online consumer reviews, the pizza cutter only needs to cut once instead of twice or even more times like other pizza cutters.

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