Best Motion Sensor Lights Reviews and buyer Guide 2021

Motion sensor lights are a convenient and easy way to get more security around the perimeter of your home. They are also excellent for adding extra light wherever you need it and are commonly used for gardens, outside garages, in the backyard or front yard, on patios or porches or even in stairways.

Motion sensor lights work by detecting movement and activating a light for a period of time. If no other motion is detected for usually 30 seconds or so, the light will shut off again. These convenient lights are very good for deterring prowlers and can scare away someone that is lurking around your home or yard.

There are hundreds of different styles and types of motion sensor lights.  You can get them for indoors and outdoors for a multitude of uses.  You can even use motion sensor lights for areas of your home that need sporadic light such as a closet or pantry where you don’t have a regular light and only need light occasionally.

There are several things you will want to consider when you are researching motion sensor lights for your home.  These different points will help you sort through the large selection of motion sensor lights so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

Take a look at three top rated motion sensor lights that are customer favorites for their performance, cost, ease of installation and longevity.

Best Overall Motion Sensor Lights

Mr. Beams Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor

Mr. Beams MB363 Wireless LED Spotlight

Mr. Beam provides homeowners with a three pack of motion sensor lights that have numerous features that make them a perfect choice.  The extremely bright LEDs use very little power; only 140 lumens.

The motion sensor turns the spot lights on as motion is detected and then will turn them off automatically after 30 seconds of no movement which will preserve the battery. The weatherproof design is durable and can handle rain and snow with ease.

The installation is wireless and simple to do and provides your home with 350 square feet of coverage for each light.

These motion sensor lights are battery operated and make a great solution for walkways, paths, yards, stairways and more.  Each light can pick up movement from as far as 30 feet and there is 180 degrees of motion each as well.Why We Like It

These LEDs will never need replacing and will provide as much as 1800 activations each light on one set of batteries. These lights come with 9 screw, a user manual, and mounting brackets as well. They need 9 D batteries to operate which will need to be purchased separately.

Solar Light 8 LED Motion Sensor Light

No wiring is needed for this solar powered motion sensor light.  Installation is super easy and harnesses the sun to add light where you need it at night.  Whenever motion is sensed the bright LED comes on and will light up to 12 continuous hours on a single charge.

The LED light has a large sensor with a range of 10 feet and 120 degree angles.  It is waterproof and heatproof so you know it will work in any type of weather.

This light is perfect for your back porch, front porch, garden, yard, walkways, driveway or anywhere else you need to add bright lighting.  It activates when motion is detected and will shut off automatically after 30 seconds of no motion detection.Why We Like It

The solar panel has a 5 year life span and the LED provides up to 50,000 hours of light.  A full charge is possible in just 6-8 hours.  There is not a dim mode with this light, it has two modes: off and bright.

When you first get the light, allow the batteries to charge for a couple of sunny days before tuning it on the first time.  3 days is even better.

Home Zone LED Motion Light

This motion detector features 180 degrees of motion sensor detection and can be adjusted to detect motion as far as 32 feet forward.  The sleek design looks great outside any style of home.

Using the manual override function allows the light to always be on if you choose. This light is for outdoor use only and offers users a timer control that can be set to turn on the light at specified times.Why We Like It

The LED is super bright and provides plenty of visibility on walkways, stairways, in front of the garage, in the yard or anywhere else you want to add more light.  It comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Motion Sensor Lights Buyers Guide

The right motion sensor lights will provide a lot of benefits to your home including safety and peace of mind when you are home and even when you aren’t.  There are all kinds of different motion sensor lights on the market today that can be used indoors and as well as outdoors.  With so many to choose from it really helps to understand a few things about them and how they work.  It is also beneficial for you to know exactly what your specific needs are.

You will be able to choose the right motion sensor lights when you are familiar with the features that are available for these units.  It also helps to understand how these special lights can make your home safer.

Features for Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights have a range of features to choose from. If you are familiar with the features, it becomes much easier to sort through all the choices on the market and make a decision about the best one for your needs that includes the features that you are looking for.

Types of Technology

Motion sensor lights use different types of technology to work. We have listed the different types of technologies used below so you can familiarize yourself with the different kinds that may be available among different motion sensor lights.Infrared Passive TechnologyRadar TechnologyPhoto-sensorThis type of technology detects body heat when a person enters the detection zone. In addition, it can measure any changes in temperature and is range specific to the body temperature of people as well.  This is a common technology used in security or light motion sensors.

Motion Sensor Light Functionality

There are two types of functionality that are used in motion sensors:Occupancy

This functionality involves the sensor turning on lights when a person comes into the detection area. If the sensor you are using only has occupancy functionality you will have to manually turn the lights off. This works well in a room such as the laundry room or kitchen where your hands might be full and unable to turn the lights on.Vacancy

When no motion is detected for a period of time, typically 30 seconds or so, the lights will be turned off. A vacancy sensor is a good choice for bedrooms if you go in and out of it fairly often. If it is a vacancy only functionality, this means you will need to turn the lights on but if you leave the room without turning them off, the sensor will detect no presence of anyone and will turn them off.

Some models of lights have both technologies so the lights come on when a person enters the room and goes off when they leave it and no motion is detected.  You can choose the type of functionality based on where the light is going and what you need it to accomplish.

Motion Sensor Light Features to Consider

  • Mounting Position Capability – Many of the motion detectors on the market have several mounting options available. Some can mount to the wall, others can be mounted to a light switch in the wall and some even allow for ceiling mounting. Like you would see in a place of business.
  • Light Intensity Controls – Some of the motion sensor lights that are on the market are capable of being dimmed rather than just turned off or on. There are many different intensities available that will change from model to model.  You can read the description to find out which light intensity options the particular motion sensor light offers.
  • Wireless Options – The easiest type of installation is wireless which will not require any hardwiring. It usually has separate receivers and transmitters or will be sold as a transmitter that works with compatible receivers. Wireless motion sensor lights send radio frequencies from the transmitter to the receiver that will turn the lights on or off. 
  • Detection Zones- The detection zone refers to the amount of area that the detectors can pick up motion. This can be 180 degrees, 120 degrees or even as much as 270 degrees. It will vary from model to model.  The motion sensor lights that have detection zones usually work the best when mounted on a flat wall. Ceiling motion sensor detectors can detect 360 degrees.
  • Range – Another factor look too at is the range that the motion sensor lights have. The bigger the range the more expensive you can expect the motion sensor light to be. You should take into consideration that the larger range means a larger chance of false alarms.
  • Brightness – LEDs are the most common uses for motion sensor lights. The brightness level that these lights have depends on whether the particular model is being used for safety or security.  If it is for security, you will want to make sure that the wattage is high, like 300 watts or more. If it’s for safety, get at least 150 watts or higher. If there is not a need for high visibility, wattage under 150 is sufficient.
  • Installation – How difficult are the motion sensor lights you are considering to mount? Some need a couple of household tools like screwdrivers and drills while others are more detailed and may even require the installation expertise of a professional. You should know ahead of time whether you can do installation yourself or whether you will need to employ the help of professional installers.


Motion sensor lights can be a real benefit to have around for the homeowner or business owner.  They provide increased safety and security and really help the peace of mind of the home owner or business owner when it comes to having plenty of light in certain areas when needed.

It can also help manage the power bills because the unneeded or lesser used lighting can be scheduled and cut on and off as needed rather than just being on, even if someone is not in the room that is lit. This type of special lighting is also great for providing additional security if you ever have to be out of town or gone for a few days.

The information that is in this buyer’s guide will be a big help when it comes to understanding the different features that motion sensor lights use and the benefits to having this type of lighting.  With all of the different kinds of motion sensor lights on the market, being able to sort through all these choices makes the selection process much easier.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to the type of lighting that you can get, the capabilities that it has, the extra features and the technologies they use.  You’ll be able to find exactly what you are looking for that will take care of all of your motion sensor lighting needs and feel much safer around your home or business to boot.

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