Best Mobile Spy Software with Call Recording

Are you looking for the best mobile spy software? We have got the one for you with a wide range of high tech features including call recording. After reviewing the top-notch tracking software for mobile phones, TheOneSpy android monitoring solution is found to be the finest. It is particularly developed for parents and employers to keep track of mobile phone devices of children and workers to prevent them from wrongdoings. The advanced spying features of the app enable users to supervise all online and offline activities performed on the monitored digital device. Read on to know more about the call recorder and mobile spy software.

How Mobile Monitoring Software Works

The prevalence of cell phones and the internet has made it essential to oversee the digital behavior of kids to ensure their security. The employers are needed to supervise the online and offline activities of their workers to prevent them from misconduct and to flourish the business. To monitor a mobile phone you need to get it installed with the surveillance software. For example, if you want to keep track of mobile phone activities of your workers you need to get their devices installed with the app.

After installation, the app accesses important data stored on the phone. It includes but not limited to chats, call logs, photos, videos and voice recordings. The app uses the internet connection to sync data and upload it to the web portal. The end-user can access the data by logging into the web portal of the tracker app or by installing TOS navigator app on his phone.

Core Features of Mobile Surveillance Software

The monitoring solution offers scores of features enabling user to supervise and operate a mobile phone without access. We have discussed here the most prominent features of the app.

Call Recording

You can listen to the phone calls of target without letting him know. The parental control app automatically records all incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can listen to these recorded calls right from the web portal or through the navigator app of TheOneSpy. You can also access contact numbers of callers and recipients by getting call logs. Moreover, if your concerned person is receiving annoying calls you can block incoming calls from that contact.

Message Tracker

All the text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages stored on the targeted phone can be accessed without having access to that device. The surveillance app creates online backup of all incoming and outgoing messages and allows accessing the online and offline chats through web portal or navigator app.

Watch Out Social Media

The powerful android spy app lets you track popular social media apps and instant messengers. It includes but not limited to Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, Kik, Tinder, Facebook, WeChat, Viber, Telegram, Tinder, Tumblr, IMO, Zalo, Hangout, Hike and Skype. You can record activities performed on above mentioned social apps including chats, posts, media file sharing, friend-lists and follower-lists.

Surround Recording

The software lets you see what is happening in the surroundings of the targeted phone. You can remotely operate microphone and camera of the target device to record surrounding scenes and sounds. 

Phone Screen Recording

Want to know what the target is doing on phone? The app lets you record screen of the targeted device with remote command. You can capture whatever appears on the phone screen in form of screenshots or screen recordings.

Access Browsing History

You can get access to the internet browsing history of the target device and can evaluate the internet usage of your concerned one. You can retrieve the browsing history anytime from the online portal even if it is deleted from the target device.

Location Tracker

The app provides detail of current GPS location of the target device. It also provides location history and allows marking boundaries around the target with geo-fencing.

There is more the mobile spy software lets you do. Visit TheOneSpy official website to know more about this high-tech monitoring and parental control app for android devices.

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