The Best Low Light Houseplants You Can Buy to Combat Your Black Thumb

Best Low Light Houseplants

Struggling with the springtime sniffles? The solution to your sickness isn’t hiding in another pill or doctor’s visit — instead turn to houseplants. 

Houseplants can remove 87 percent of air toxins inside your home. Not only will you breathe easier, but houseplants also reduce stress levels and increase your productivity. 

The only thing holding you back from a healthier life is that black thumb.

But don’t worry, even the most inexperienced plant owner can have success with the right low light houseplants. Read on to find one for you!

1. Devil’s Ivy

You won’t need indoor grow lights for this plant to thrive. Devil’s Ivy is one of the most popular low maintenance plants. 

This plant is great in a hanging pot or draping over a table-top pot. No matter how you display this plant, the plant thrives. They get their namesake from the fact that they thrive in even the worst of conditions. 

The less light your plant receives, the darker green the leaves become. Be aware that ivy has shallow roots so a little water goes a long way. 

2. Monstera

Monstera is a great option if you’re looking for a large house plant but not a large workload. 

This plant’s large leaves are deep-green and heart-shaped, making it the perfect addition to any decor. It’s recommended you water this plant weekly, but they can survive up to two weeks without water in some conditions. Monstera can also survive in low-light, but if you want the leaves to split, consider a moderate light situation. 

Purchase a high-quality Monstera from online outlets like this website and see for yourself how easy they are to maintain. 

3. Spider Plants

Spider Plants are indoor house plants that thrive in with little light and care. 

This plant is known for its long, thin leaves that dangle from the plant, like spiders on a web. This appearance makes them a great option for both hanging pots and table-top pots. 

Spider Plants hate direct sunlight and thrive in moderate, indirect light. Direct sunlight can even burn the leaves, causing a brown discoloration. Water moderately, when the soil is dry to the touch. 

4. Chinese Evergreen

No list of low light indoor plants would be complete without the Chinese Evergreen. 

This slow-growing plant starts out small but can grow to large sizes with time. The plant features large, dark green leaves with hints of silver. 

Chinese Evergreens do best when left to fend for themselves. They only need little or low-light and moderate watering. Overwatering and too much light can hinder the plant’s growth. 

Caring for Low Light Houseplants

Even the most inexperienced plant owners can keep these low light houseplants alive. 

Start with one of these plants and build up your confidence. Just remember to keep up with the watering and nutrient needs specific to your plant. 

Once you graduate from houseplants, it’s time to work on your outdoor garden. Check out our review of the best solar garden lights to help get you started. 

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