Best Floating Pool Candles

Use floating pool candles to add beauty, sophistication, romance and a calming atmosphere to your next outdoor party.

Imagine sitting around the pool with your friends and family on a warm summer’s evening and everyone is talking, laughing and enjoying their food and drinks. Now you can add to that calm and serene feeling with the addition of a selection of floating pool candles.

Floating candles are actually a reasonably priced way of adding a special touch to your gathering or party.

These days you can choose from a huge variety of colours, shapes and designs to ensure that your floating pool candles match in with the theme of your event.

How to Choose the Best Floating Candles

What to look out for when buying candles for your swimming pool

The bigger floating candles work the best in larger bodies of water such as swimming pools. Look for candles 2″ or bigger.

Some floating pool candles come in the shape of a bowl. The middle is recessed so that it is harder for a breeze to blow out the flame. This shape also helps with stability. Look for the bowl shape or a tapered shape (bigger at the top and tapers to smaller at the bottom).

Kinds of Floating Pool Candles

For a wedding party the floating pool candles of silver or gold color will suit the best. The concerned person can also go for the traditional white color too. They can also be part of a party without a swimming pool. Decorating the deck of the spa if there is one with these accesories is also a very good idea to add in a party.

Floating Pool Candle Tips

Things you should probably know!

Before your big event starts, light all of your candles first, so that when it comes time to light them and set them afloat, they are much quicker and easier to light.

You can also secure an anchor to the candles if you want to keep them in one place.

Remove any overhanging branches away from the pool. And anything else that hangs over the pool that may have the potential to catch fire.

Turn off the pool filter and close the skimmer box whilst the candles are burning in the pool.

If anyone wants to swim whilst there are candles lit in the pool, make sure they tie back their hair, or probably a safer option is to extinguish the

Other Uses for Floating Candles

Don’t Have a Swimming Pool?

Here’s some other ideas for decorating with floating candles:

Beautiful in the spa, for a real romantic touch, place candles and rose petals around the spa as well. Don’t forget the ice bucket for the

Pop them in a pond or bird bath. Once again though, make sure there are no overhanging bushes that could catch fire if a candle goes near.

You can also buy a few glass bowls and put smaller floating candles in them with flower petals. Place them strategically around your outdoor patio, but hopefully out of the way so people cannot trip over them, or accidentally knock them over.

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