10 Best Christmas Tree Storage Bag -Buyer Guide Updated Jan 2020

After Christmas season, one of the common problems encountered is finding effective ways to store your artificial Christmas tree and its accessories. However, if you are thinking of storing your Christmas decorations in a cardboard box, think again, since there are many other feasible Christmas tree storage options. An Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag, for example, may protect and maintain your tree better than any ordinary box.
Christmas Tree Storage Bag

How Buy Best Tree Storage Bag

Storage Criteria

If you have decided to replace your storage box with an Artificial Christmas tree Storage Bag, consider the following:
Size – Christmas Tree Storage Bags comes in various sizes and can house a tree of up to 9.5 feet. It has plenty of room to accommodate other decorations. It also allows you to save space and you can hang it conveniently since it comes with two metal rings.
Sturdy – The storage bag should be robust and can endure bumps and physical stress. The Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag of choice should hold up to 120 pounds.
Durable – Quality storage bags are usually made of a polyester shell, which can resist puncture and is water and tear resistant. Reinforced metal handles should not tear off easily and can facilitate transport even to elevated storage areas. Many consumers indicated that the most common problem encountered with the tree storage bags is the handle, since it tears off easily, especially when you pull the bag up the stairs.
Reasonable price – Boxes are cheaper; and if you use the original box, it will not cost you a cent. However, with the many benefits this storage bag offers, buying it would be a reasonable investment.
Convenient to use – This Christmas Tree Storage Bag, according to customers, is convenient to use since it does not require much effort when placing the tree inside. It also allows you to transport the tree safely and quickly.

Handy Laundry Christmas Tree Storage Bag 7.5 FT

 Christmas Tree Storage Bag - Stores a 7.5 Foot
The bag could stores a disassembled artificial Christmas tree 7.5 foot-long. It is perfectly designed and spacious; 48 inches long by 20 inches high by 15 inches wide, to also store the garland and the lights. The Christmas tree bag stands out to be durable and strong as it is made of extra-large and heavy-duty tarp material.
Christmas season is only experienced once a year so you’d want your tree to be free of dust, pests, and moisture which makes this bag an option. If you’re worried about how this big bag will be carried, then be sure to rest your case; the bag has two strongly reinforced handles on each side for efficient carrying and a loop for pulling. 

  • Made of moisture and insect resistant polyester material
  • The bag is large and fits many tree sizes together with the garland and lights
  • It has carry-handles making the movements easy 


  • The bag doesn’t have any wheels for pulling
  • Bulky and takes up much space 

Handy Laundry Christmas Tree Storage Bag

ProPik Artificial Tree Storage Bag 

 ProPik Artificial Tree Storage Bag Perfect Xmas Storage
Measuring 30 by 13 by 65 inches wide, high and long, ProPik stands out to one of the best Christmas tree bags. It is big enough to hold a 9 foot disassembled tree with nylon-reinforced durable handles making the bag efficient to carry. If you’d wish to save your time, expense and space, ProPik Artificial Tree Storage bags comes in handy as it gives you stress-free storage from moisture, pests, and dust all season. 

  • Made of durable, moisture and dust resistant polyester
  • Has strongly reinforced nylon handles
  • Large space to hold a big tree
  • The bag features a heavy-duty and long-lasting sleek zipper


  • Lacks internal straps
  • The bag is big hence bulky
  • However, the side straps, the bag lacks wheels for pulling

 ProPik Artificial Tree Storage Bag Perfect Xmas Storage

Elf Stor 83-DT5512 Premium Green Christmas Tree bag 

Elf Stor 83-DT5512 Premium Green Christmas Bag
Finalize your Christmas occasion and look up to the next with this spacious and durable Christmas tree storage bag. Elf Stor gives you a 64.5 by 15 by 30.5 storage space accommodating a whole disassembled 9-foot long tree. The bag is made of high-quality material and nylon handles with a perfectly designed and heavy-duty zipper. The bag is easy to use, folds flat when not in use and can be put away. It helps you keep the tree free of moisture, dust, and insects assuring you of a whole year of stress-free storage. 

  • Easy to store as it folds when not in use
  • Has heavy-duty zipper
  • The bag is big enough for a 9-foot tree
  • Made of strong and tear-proof material making it durable


  • Has no side strap or wheels for pulling
  • No internal straps for holding the tree in position
  • The bag is big and takes us space 

Elf Stor 83-DT5512 Premium Green Christmas Bag

Elf Stor Rolling Duffle Christmas Tree Storage Bag 

Elf Stor Rolling Duffle Christmas Tree Storage Bag - Green
Elegance, beauty, and style meet at this 100% 600D Oxford Canvas bag. The bag measures 59 inches long, 21.7 inches high and 24.5 inches wide which makes it spacious enough to carry a 9-foot-long Christmas tree. It has three blade-style roller wheels and side strap efficient for carrying. This Rolling Duffle Christmas tree is innovatively designed to carry large multisectioned trees and gives you a year-round of dust, moisture, and insect-free storage. In addition to that, your tree is safely bound in the bag as it has internal straps that hold it in position while moving.

  • ​Has side straps and wheels for efficient movement
  • Made of durable and tear-proof oxford canvas material
  • Large space to fit a big tree
  • Interior straps hence secured during movements 
  • The bag has strongly reinforced nylon handles 


  • Big hence bulky
  • Difficult to lift due to its height hence requires two people

 Elf Stor Rolling Duffle Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Primode Holiday Rolling Tree Storage Bag

Primode Holiday Rolling Tree Storage Bag
This three-wheeled extra-large and heavy-duty Christmas Tree Storage Bag is one of its kind. Measures 25 inches high by 20 inches wide by 60 inches long giving you a whole lot of space to fit a 9 foot disassembled tree.
The bag is fully opening allowing easy stowage of the tree and also features a zipper along its full length. It is made of heavy-duty and reinforced nylon handles making it easy to carry which adds up with the three wheels and side strap for pulling.
The bag features a polyester construction, tear-proof, moisture, dust, and insect-free coupled with a front zippered pocket on the outside and a compartment for a plastic tag on the side.

  • Easy to carry and pull due to the straps and wheels .
  • Have sturdy handles reinforced along the width of the bag .
  • Made of tear-proof and durable polyester material .
  • Spacious and large to accommodate a big tree .
  • Built in a dual full length stowing zipper .
  • Folds easily for storage when not in use.


  • Difficult to lift due to its bulk and height.
  • No internal straps to secure the tree inside the bag.

Primode Holiday Rolling Tree Storage Bag

ProPik Artificial Tree Storage Bag  

 ProPik Artificial Tree Storage Bag Perfect Xmas Storage
This is one great bag as size suits it well to carry a 7-foot disassembled Christmas tree. It is made of high-quality polyethylene plastic material that is moisture, dust and insect free assuring you of long-lasting storage.
The bag measures 52 by 30 by 30 inches and built with a pair of strong and reinforced nylon handles for easy carrying. It had card slots for identification, dual full-length zipper and side handle.
When it comes to elegance and efficiency, ProPik Artificial Bag meets your match as it serves you in different multichoice colors.

  • Made of tear proof and durable polyester plastic
  • It is easy to use when stowing the tree 
  • Features a sleek full-length zipper 
  • Dust, moisture, and insect resistant 
  • Easy to carry and move as it is not bulky


  • Small in size, only fits a 7-foot tree
  • No wheels for efficient movement

No internal straps to secure the tree inside the bag

Red Upright Tree Storage bag 

[Red Upright Tree Storage Bag] - 9 Foot
This Christmas Tree bag is quite amazing with its exceptional features. It is made of double red canvas material and fits a 9-foot-tall Christmas tree.
This wipe-clean polyester fabric Christmas bag saves you space as it stores the tree in an upright position and features reinforced handles for easy movement of the bag. 
One thing to reckon of this bag is that the tree is not disassembled when storing, it also discretely hides the parts of the tree as it decompresses at the base.
 If you’re thinking of something durable, moisture, pests and dust-free, it is worth going for Red Upright tree storage bag for its efficiency.

  • The bag saves you space as the tree is stored upright
  • Made of high-quality and durable polyester material
  • Built with strong and reinforced handles for easy carrying
  • No disassembly of the tree when storing
  • Easy to fold and store when, not in use
  • Fits most trees sizes


  • May fall off if not steadily positioned 
  • Required two people to handle 
  • May be bulky for closet storage

Red Upright Tree Storage Bag

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