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During the lockdown, many of us have resorted to baking to keep ourselves busy. But some of us are having a hard time understanding what went wrong with a particular recipe (of course nobody is perfect). From forgetting to preheat in the oven, to not measuring the ingredients properly, simple mistakes can cost us all our efforts. So what is the way? This is the way—- Read the below-given baking tips to bake the perfect cake

Preheat the Oven

Wait until the oven is fully heated before baking. Baking the cake, without preheating, may disturb the structure of the cake.

Keep everything at room temperature.

That means butter, eggs, milk – Everything. Room temperature buttercream with sugar gives it a light texture to your cake. Mixing cold milk or eggs will solidify the creamed butter.

Prepare your pan well

Letting your cake stick to your pan is the worst thing you can do with your cake. There is nothing sadder than breaking a perfect, fluffy and moist cake because it stuck to the tin. Always grease your pan with butter or oil using a pastry brush. Make sure that no corners are left un-butted. 

Be Careful While Substituting Fats

Most cakes call for butter or shortening. You can substitute one for the other, or use a combination, but do not substitute a liquid fat directly where it is said to be solid.


Accurate measurement is very important when baking a perfect cake. For example, you need measuring cups, spoons etc. to weigh and quantify your ingredients. Baking is an art you will start studying once. The more you create a disaster, the more you are about to learn. The ratio is very important when it comes to baking. Once you have mastered the art, you can do blind baking!

Do not beat the batter

Do not beat the batter after adding refined flour; otherwise, the cake will become heavy. It is believed that the more you beat the cake, the better it turns out. But what? You should only beat liquids such as eggs or yoghurt or butter etc. Beat them as much as you want but once the dough is added to it, just mix lightly through the cut and fold method, scraping the sides together.

Do not overmix the batter

When you add dry ingredients for wet, you just want to mix them for a long time but not too long. Over Mixing the batter will eliminate gluten in the dough which will make your cake thick with a hard and chewy texture. In most cake recipes you mix dry ingredients before adding wet ones. Even if it requires two bowls, It is important to follow these instructions. It is easy to incorporate them completely into butter and eggs without stirring them too much before mixing dry ingredients.

Baking Accessories

Baking moulds are also accompanied by other accessories that play an important role. Some of them are baking paper or butter paper, spatula, a hand mixer, baking powder, cornflour, butter/oil, margarine, caster sugar / brown sugar/icing sugar, flour or self flour, microwave.

Directly in the oven

Once the cake is properly mixed, place it directly in the oven as the raising agents such as baking powder and baking soda begin to work soon after the mixture begins to relax. For a proper rise, the mixture should be placed directly inside the oven.

Do not open the oven too often

Opening the oven removes hot air, which lowers the temperature. Even this may cause your cake to fall. Unless you are rolling out your baked goods or if it is examined, it is best to inspect through the window so that the temperature inside the oven remains at all times.

Let it Cool Down

Let the cake completely cool down on a rack for around 15 to 20 minutes. Turn it upside down once it cools down. This helps to level the round top of the cake. Especially if it is a layer cake, stack one layer on top of another. This will also make the top layer even for placing other layers and frosting.

Keeping these tips in mind when baking your cake will definitely change your baking experience. And if not, there is always a choice to order online. Just visit any online bakery and simply order cake online Bangalore Mumbai, Pune or wherever you reside. 

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