Ayurvedic Products Online Target the Body Types to Cure Ailments

Ayurveda is all about understanding the natural state of your body and what drives it. Id all your bodily functions are balanced then you are in perfect health. For example, of you feel lethargic all the time, you might be out of balance. Imbalances does not occur overnight. It may be a result of irregular eating, not getting proper sleep or digestion problems. This can easily be solved by Ayurveda by eating the right type of foods. After a proper analysis of the body yoga techniques may also be recommended to increase energy and vigor.

Body Types According to Ayurveda

This concept of balance has been broadly classified in Ayurveda in three major types. All ailments and remedies administered to patients are revolved around it. Most Ayurvedic products online target these doshas in the body and balance them wherever necessary. Let us have a look:


  • Creative and quick to learn. Once will be able to easily grasp concepts and learning.
  • Lively personality.
  • Slender and tall.
  • Irregular routine in life, with emotional outbursts.
  • They get tired very easily.
  • They avoid cold climates.
  • Generally have dry skin and hair.

Imbalances in the vatadosha can cause a person to suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. Mood swings are also experienced with uncontrollable outburst of emotion.


  • Medium physique with strong and well-built body.
  • Sharp mind with good concentration and entrepreneurship attitude.
  • Aggressive and extremely competitive in nature.
  • They often have reddish skin with freckles and skin acnes.
  • They are uncomfortable in hot weathers. They may even experience sun allergies, sun burns and may totally avoid the sun.
  • Show good leadership skills and often good speakers.

Imbalances in this dosha can show signs of skin ailments and stomach related problems. A person can become very demanding and can experience temper and impatience.


  • Easy going, relaxed and compassionate attitude. They are loving and forgiving in nature and are extremely loyal companions.
  • Physically strong with a heavier built.
  • They are full of vitality most of the time.
  • They are slow learners, but have a good long term memory.
  • Extremely self-sufficient.
  • They have soft skin and hair along with soft eyes and soft spoken nature.

They are known to suffer from closed depression when out of balance. They can also become overweight and sluggish.


Ayurveda online shopping has become extremely popular these days. One of the major factors is awareness of Ayurveda and its concepts among the people. The biggest advantage of this treatment is the permanent removal of the disease and no side effects. It cures the body from within and also increases the immune system. This prevents the body from further attack of foreign substances. Ayurveda in fact has become so popular that modern scientist are constantly updated ways to incorporate it in modern medicine. Supplements, oils and pills are formulated along with ancient knowledge to make Ayurveda accessible to the masses. These especially help, because certain ingredients are not locally available and the only way we can get them is online.

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