Ab Exercise Workouts

Ab Exercise Workouts – The Workouts That Work

Do you want to have that young, fit, and trim body that you only see in the movies?  Would you like to know what workouts will get you there?  There are both traditional as well as new approaches to abdominal exercises.  You will learn both types here.  Their plenty of workout approaches to pick from, but you probably just want to see results.  If you want to have a healthy, trim look, you should follow these ab exercise workouts.

Define Your Goal about Ab Exercise

First, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not only working out but following a strictly healthy lifestyle.  What follows here are the ab exercise workouts.

If you want a classic ab exercise, you should begin with crunches.  These have a track record of working and producing amazing results.  Be certain to perform the exercise correctly – use your abs to lift your torso and don’t injure your neck in the process.

Then you will want to keep up the pace and simply roll over and do the plank.  Planks are done by putting yourself into a pushup position and holding it for about 1-1.5 minutes.  Because there is no actual abdominal motion, this exercise is safe for your lower back and very effective.  Be certain that you keep your back ramrod straight, and don’t raise your pelvis high – this will lower the effectiveness of the exercise.

The final exercise in the traditional category is called the “Captain’s Chair.”  If you have this equipment at your gym, it’s best performed there.  Simply hold your body in the air by resting your weight on your forearms in the armrests, feet dangling down.  The exercise is done by pulling your knees up towards your chest, which tackles your lower abdominal muscles.  If you don’t have the equipment, you can replicate this movement by using a weight bench. You can easily do abdominal exercise by using the best weight bench. Simply balance yourself as you keep your feet up off the floor, and then lean backward.  Stretch out your legs and then pull your knees up to your chest.

Define Your Goal about Ab Exercise: 

Ab Exercise Workouts for Newer: 

For one of the newer ab exercise workouts, perform all the exercises listed below or simply pick those you enjoy.

Firstly: First up is to do “mountain climbers.”  The thinking behind these is that you stay in motion and keep your heart rate at a high level, which will result in more fat burning.  You begin in the pushup position.  Kick your feet like you’re trying to climb a mountain, but don’t move your hands.  In a motion much like jumping, you move your feet from their starting position to right underneath your hips, one foot at a time.  The pace is fast as if you’re quickly trying to ascend a mountain.  The duration should be 30-60 seconds.

Secondly: The second exercise is called an inverted plank.  Begin flat on your back, with your hands underneath your glutes, the body perfectly straight.  Raise your feet and your shoulders at once, 6-12 inches, and hold the top of the position for 30-60 seconds.

Finally: Finally, you want to try the bicycle movement, or the bicycle as it’s called, to tackle all your abdominals as well as your obliques.  Start on your back again, this time in a sit-up position.  With your hands placed behind your head – and without pulling your neck in the process – raise your legs off the mat.  While in the air, kick your feet as if you were on a bicycle.  Naturally, your arms will want to move from side to side, and if you want to work your obliques more, you simply emphasize this motion.  Keep this up for 30-60 seconds.

Doing the top three exercises won’t do all of your core, but when you keep the pace up and perform them right, your heart rate will help you burn calories as well as fat.

Be sure that you are taking care not to take “3 steps back” when you are only making “2 steps forward,” as you look to work your abs.  You need to be sure you’re eating well.  Make sure that you ease up off the junk foods and sugars, eat more vegetables, drink more water, and balance your intake.

Something else you want to be sure to do is watch your back health.  Don’t strain your lower back as you exercise.  The only pain you should feel is a little soreness in the muscles you’re working on.  On that note, you need to begin slowly at first.  Build up the exercise, even more so than you think you need so that you can build your muscle tissue without injury.

If you follow these ab exercise workouts properly, you will start to build a sense of well-being and confidence about what you’re doing, and you may start to see results in a month.  You don’t want to set your expectations too high, however.  It will take time and be consistent to pay off.

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