Medical Cannabis for Seniors

A Flawless Guide to Medical Cannabis for Seniors

Among all the latest and still most ancient modes of therapy, medical marijuana tops the chart as the best natural medicine. From the mid-’90s, there has been a push to get the medicinal values of cannabis known. Currently, medical marijuana is gaining appeal from all corners of the world because of the many therapeutic benefits the plant offers. 

We experience the healing values of cannabis from its compounds. These compounds are known as cannabinoids. The marijuana plant has hundreds of cannabinoids with THC and CBD being the most popular. CBD is also popular among many patients from young to old. Below is a complete guide for seniors looking to try medical marijuana.

What You Need to Know

Medical cannabis is different from the hemp that people buy in the streets. Unlike the weed you can get from an alley, medicinal hemp undergoes specific growing and harvesting conditions. Sometimes the medicine can include a mix of all the cannabinoids or only specific compounds.

Medical cannabis is not yet approved by some influential organisations such as the FDA. However, just because an official state organisation does not endorse the use of medical marijuana doesn’t mean that the plant doesn’t have healing benefits. Oddly enough, the compound CBD is legal in several areas. CBD products do not offer the psychoactive effects THC does. Check out Berkshire CBD for a broad range of CBD marijuana flowers. These type of marijuana flowers have high CBD levels with THC content of less than 3%.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Now that you have a better understanding, here is a list of some of the illnesses you can treat using the plant.


Currently, medical hemp is used by medical professionals to help in the treatment of cancer. The therapy is mostly in use during chemotherapy to help with vomiting, nausea, fatigue, pain relief, and other symptoms. Research also shows that smoking or vaporising cannabis flowers help patients with the discomfort experienced from neurological damage.

General Pain

Many seniors experience pain as they age. Medical cannabis plays a valuable role since it offers anti-inflammatory benefits. Apart from smoking and vaping, seniors have the option to use lotions, creams, or rubs infused with cannabinoids. The cannabinoids can penetrate through the skin and soothe the region experiencing pain.

Mental Health

Research shows that the CBD compound is often utilised to help patients with mental issues and anxiety. Some psychological issues you can treat include OCD, PTSD, general anxiety, moderate depression, and panic attacks. The research found that cannabidiol helps arouse serotonin receptors in our brains similar to pharmaceutical medicine like Zoloft.

Eating Disorders

Seniors are likely to have a loss in appetite, hence why they make up close to 80% of anorexia deaths. Poor eating habits are harmful to our health. Many patients depend on antidepressants, but these drugs later worsen the situation. Many doctors recommend medical hemp as a safer alternative for their patients. 


In the past decade, the use of medical cannabis among the elderly has grown significantly. This is because this alternative is safe, cost-efficient, and has numerous methods of ingestion. However, before embarking in the use of medical marijuana, consult your doctor.

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