7 Ways in which Design can Make Visual Content Look Great

Visuals are what human brain can perceive in many different ways. We all see even a graphic differently as what we see as first is interpreted by our brain further. Just like some of us half glass full and half glass empty, same is with graphics and pictures. Images have more potential to capture human attention than written words, and video, a step further. 

Engaging images can make the task of developers and designers easy as they can come up with websites that are interesting to look at and make people stay on them for long. It doesn’t matter that if you are trying to establish a business in Dubai or some other city in UAE, you need to find a company that can offer you good value for money. Development is the basis of what you need to do for a solid web presence and design for sustaining your business.

Why I am emphasizing on this aspect will be discussed shortly in this blog. Here are 7 design tips that businesses can use to improve the quality of their images and give them every chance to succeed. 

1. Color

Judgements based on colors is not a new thing. We feel hungry by looing at red colors, that’s why fast food chains like Pizza Hut, Burger King and KFC emphasize on this color. Companies need to choose colors wisely in order to guide their audience through their brand story and create a sense of engagement with the images for instant connection. 

2. Fonts

Choose fonts to give yourself every chance to succeed. It also plays a crucial role in how your design is perceived by people and ultimately the brand message you send across. Readability should be your focus when it comes to choosing the fonts for your images.  Sans-serif, serif, or any other font just make sure you do justice for the image and doesn’t look forced at all. 

3. Lines

Lines are an important element of visual design. Straight lines give viewers a clear direction whereas curved lines give the image a sense of organized movement. It is highly advised to offer users something that they must look at and think about it. Using random images is what that can’t give your image a unique look. The use of stock images is also useless, use customized images for best results. Ask a prominent Dubai logo Design company to help you out in this concern. 

4. Contrast

Contrast in the colors of clothes we wear gives us a good distinction among others. Essentially, contrast provides differentiation between elements in colors, there are many things you need to think here. Effective use of contrast can make images look not only cool but give them a prominence against all the other images on a website and a standout in the crowd. 

5. Proximity

Proximity plays a key role in creating making your image organized a lot. Similar elements can group together to organize the image. To declutter the design is what can be termed as the basic goal of proximity as it can assist developers and designers to create images and pages look tidy and clean.  

6. Scale

Sizing of various elements within the design can simply be termed as scaling. It helps companies and businesses to bring different elements into focus and make an image look great. Use scale aptly and your images will look good but if not great. 

7. Space

Use of negative or white space is not a new thing but have caught up with the designers in a big way recently. Give quality to your image while focusing on the most important elements. Keep your images simple and apt use of white space will give you a good chance to succeed. 

Over to you

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