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7 Things to Consider When You’re Shopping Online

Online shopping is the latest craze among people in Pakistan.  Slowly and steadily, the trend is gaining popularity because of the one-stop solution, time-saving, convenience, free and fast home delivery, and affordability. With a variety of products like home textile products, clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, handbags, shoes, mobile laptops, and electronics–you name it and become a proud owner of your favorite product. 

A big part of the appeal for shopping online is that you can find any product that you’re unable to find in a physical store either due to stock shortage or any other reason like products not available locally. Discount deals and sales are part and parcel of online shopping. Therefore, many leading online stores like and HomeShopping in Pakistan offer various discount deals that you can’t afford to miss.

But regardless of where your hard-earned cash will be spent; there are few things that you should consider to avoid any unpleasant online shopping experience. Let’s have a look below:

For local and overseas purchases

1.  Know about the seller

One of the important things you need to do before making any online purchase is to research about the seller’s authenticity. For this, consider the following points:

  • Reviews: Today, shopping websites have given their buyers the right to provide an online review about the product they purchase from their site. So, before you check out, check what previous buyers have had to say. Have they had great online shopping experiences? Were the products genuine as defined in the product description? Or have there been issues?
  • Ratings: Check the seller’s rating before you make purchases, to ensure that they have a good performance record and have been in business for long.
  • Credibility: It’s a must-have. See the overall impression you get of the website after researching online at different portals and checking out the seller social media pages.

Tip: Just spending a few minutes on research might save you from scam and gives you a chance to spend your hard-earned money wisely.

2. Liability for lost or damaged products

A good shopping website has policy in place for things that go missing in transit or get damaged. Moreover, if a seller provides an insurance and tracking option, then you should consider taking them up. Tracking allows you to check online the movement of your desired product and have a fallback position if the parcel gets damaged or lost in transit.

Tip: Do read the terms and conditions displayed on the website. And if you can’t find relevant details, contact the seller to discuss insurance and tracking options.

For international purchases

3. Customs tax, import duties, and other charges

When you buy things from overseas sellers, you will likely be required pay heavy duties, and taxes on such goods. However, in a few cases sellers bear the payment of additional charges imposed upon goods and you may get this benefit if you purchase in bulk. Typically, the buyer is responsible for the costs.

Tip: Determine how much additional charges you may be asked to pay and add that into the purchase price to get total product cost.

4. Exchange rates

When you check international websites like Amazon and Alibaba, you see prices are mentioned in dollars. So, before you make a purchase from these websites, do calculate the cost (in terms of rupees) that you will be paying at checkout.

Tip: Use an online currency converter to compute the exchange rate.

5. Product warranty

Make sure that product you purchase from shopping website has warranty period specified in the product description, and as given by the original seller. Read the terms and conditions displayed on the site to see if your desired item comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.  If silent, then ask the seller.

6. Price comparison

One of the benefits of online shopping is that you can compare product prices with multiple websites to get the best deal. This saves your time and energy. If you are looking for mobile the best comparison website on the internet is If not satisfied with one seller, you have an option to switch to another online store to get the price you’re intended to pay. Also, when making an international purchase, this price comparison is a must-have thing otherwise, you go out of budget.

7. Make a secure payment

 In the world where online payments are considered fastest medium, security aspect needs to be seriously taken care of–avoid direct bank transfers. Make sure your money gets transferred between secured electronics accounts. However, paying through COD (Cash on Delivery) or credit card reduces the risk of fraud and protect your money.

Tip: Use a secured Wi-Fi connection and always avoid public Wi-Fi to make an online payment. 

Steps To Be Taken When Things Go Wrong

Even if you’re 100% sure about the payment process while making an online purchase, things can go wrong. That’s Okay! When issues arise, contact the seller to discuss the problem and resolve your concerns. Furthermore, if you don’t get a proper response or you’re not satisfied with the outcome, contact your bank (within the specified time) to request a chargeback.

Tip: PayPal is a secured platform that ensures 100% buyers protection.

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