5 Tools To Self-Massage

5 Tools To Self-Massage – Read Before You Buy One

Self-massaging can be done with the help of handheld massagers. These handheld massagers can mimic the experience you can get from a professional massage. Their work is to put mild pressure on the knotted groups of muscle and to help relieve tension all across the body. These massagers are of course made for home use. If you have the right device, you will be able to decide where you want to focus the attention.

Here are some tips you can follow for self-massage:

  • You may use a foam roller for massaging your legs. If you roll over the foam roller, it will allow more pressure to be exerted and it is not that hard on your hands and thumbs.
  • Stretches are just as good for lengthening your muscles as massage. Hold static stretches to lengthen each group of muscle up to 30 seconds.
  • Remember to relax, because if you stay tense while massaging yourself, then there will be no benefit. Try getting into a comfortable position while you are at it.
  • Now, you may want to use a massage balm or a massage lotion rather than using oil. Oil can tend to leave things a bit messy. Then you will face difficulty in wiping it off once you are finished.
  • Concentrating on the trigger points is a must. These happen to be the “knots” in the muscle tissue and feel harder to touch. If you massage these areas, it will help to reduce pain.
  • Try warming the muscles, by massaging in the bath if you want to. Warm muscles can loosen up better than the cold ones.

Handheld massagers: What you should look for

The most effective massagers that can also be the best electric massager have a tendency to provide pain relief and also relaxation. When you are trying to choose a handheld massager, you might want to consider several important features:

Versatility and Areas of Focus:

Some handheld massagers can excel at specific functions and some can excel when you use them for your back, shoulder or neck. For sensitive areas, you may use the lightest settings, while using higher power settings for deeper-tissue areas.

Some massagers have changeable heads. These heads can dramatically change the use of the device and at the same can increase the unit’s versatility.

Heat Setting issue:

The heat helps to mitigate pain and improve your blood circulation. And so, massagers that have heat settings tend to appeal to those who look for pain relief, and side by side, these massagers can offer value during relaxing massages as well. Heat settings will transform your simple-handheld massager into a therapeutic resource.

Source of Power:

Some handheld massagers will rely on corded connections for power. This can happen for various reasons. Often, the most powerful ones will require a bit of extra power. Corded connections are able to deliver the extra power and will not add to battery costs.

The handheld massager that is best for you will match the pressure and the stroke styles for the specific needs you may have. These, of course, include HoMedics HHO-350, Breo Mini210, GRID STK, Stress Spot Body Massager, and  GoFit Extreme Massage Roller which are best massagers you can hope for.

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