5 Tips For Buying Bedsheets Online

Selecting the right decor is key to achieving a particular look when refurbishing or decorating a bedroom. Part of this process is buying bed sheets online that will complement your design aesthetic. Finding the right bed sheets online comes down to your preference and a few other factors.

Factors to check while opting to buy bedsheets online

Today’s top 5 tips revolve around buying bed sheets online. Planning on getting super king size bed sheets or looking for the best cotton bed sheets? We’re giving you five things to look out for before you buy bedsheets online.

Tip 1 – Weather

Unless you intend to sleep in a temperature-controlled room, you should take the weather into consideration when you buy bedsheets online. Most parts of India tend to be hot and humid throughout the year. Just like clothing, buying cotton bed sheets online is the way to go.

Cotton single bedsheets online are breathable and will give you a pleasant night’s sleep. Additionally, 100% cotton bed sheets are easy to wash and will last for years. 100% cotton bedsheet online tend to be a little expensive, but they’re worth the one-time investment. However, there are poly-blend fabrics available nowadays that are just as good and suitable for Indian weather.

Tip 2 – High Thread Count

Look for high thread count sheets when you buy bedsheets online. Bedsheets with a thread count between the range of 200 to 800 will be smooth to the touch, durable and of high quality. The softer the fabric, the higher the thread count.

So, if you’re looking for soft sheets to sleep on, opt for plain bedsheets online with a high thread count. We have a blog dedicated to everything you need to know about thread count, do check it out HERE.

Thread count is a standard measure used by manufacturers and brands to rate the quality of the fabric bed sheets are made from. Therefore, the higher the thread count, the better the bedsheet. Therefore, while opting for bedsheets online shipping make sure to look out for the specifications in the product listing.

Tip 3 – Bed Size

There is nothing worse than a bed sheet that is too small or too big for a bed. Before you buy bedsheets online, always check the size of your mattress. Most mattress labels have the size mentioned, if not, measure your mattress and look for the size chart on any bedsheet e-shop.

Most Indian brands have single and double size bed sheets online. However, we at Portico have a wide variety of sizes, including the rare super king size bed sheets online.

Portico also has queen size bed sheets online and regular king size bed sheets online. So, no matter your bed size, you’ll find it on Portico!

Tip 4 – Design!

Our favorite part of buying the best bed sheets online is selecting from a vast array of designs – we’re sure this is your favorite part too! Currently, Portico has 34 collections of bedsheets online that offer a range of designs from geometric to floral prints.

Along with plain bed sheets online, available in different colors – you’ll be able to find bed sheets that perfectly match your bedroom-aesthetic. We suggest narrowing down to a specific color and design before browsing through our best bedsheets online.

It can be overwhelming sometimes, to take in all the different cotton bed sheets online. Having a keen sense of what you’re looking for while browsing will make the selection process convenient and more precise.

Tip 5 – Return Policy

When you buy bedsheets online, it’s probably a good idea to check out the return policy. Mistakes happen – the wrong size, the color doesn’t quite match, or you don’t like it! Instead of being stuck with something you don’t want, make sure you can return it.

Most companies have a return policy for sealed bedsheets. Portico has a money-back return policy for goods received within seven days of receipt. However, they must be in the original packaging with a copy of the invoice.

Portico also has a refund credit that will be issued for returns received after 30 days of receipt. For more information about our returns and refund policy, please check out the page HERE.

There you have it! Those were the five tips to buy bedsheets online like a pro! We hope you enjoyed these tips if you have a few you’d like to share, tell us in the comment section!

Do keep checking the Portico website for fresh single, queen-size, or king size bedsheet online that we’re sure you’ll want to get your hands on!

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