5 Things to Know in Upgrading a Smartwatch

watches such as the Omega Speedmaster. Yet, interestingly, the market where they belong has been continuously growing in recent years.

International Data Corporation (IDC) shared that in Q3 of 2018, global shipments of wearable devices like smartwatches reached 32 million units or 21.7% higher compared to the preceding year.

2019 has been a good year for smartwatches so far. While the year has not yet ended, we have already seen a lot of smartwatches that were unveiled during the past months.

Now that we’re heading to the holiday season, you might be planning to buy a smartwatch.

So what are some of the upgrades that you should consider before shelling out your hard-earned money for a smartwatch? Here are some of them.


Smartwatches vary in terms of the materials that they are made from. More affordable models come in plastic, while the more expensive ones are clad in either aluminum or stainless steel casing.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit e and the generic DZ09 fall under the first category, while the Galaxy Active and the Galaxy Active2 are categorized under the latter.

If you are mindful of the build, then go for the ones with a metal body. These smartwatch models are also on offer with metal straps. These accessories add durability and premium look to these wearables.


By default, most smartwatches only support Bluetooth in terms of connectivity. The reason? It is simply because they are typically paired with smartphones so that you can take advantage of their features. The Huawei Watch GT, for example, only supports Bluetooth.

However, some smartwatch models also support Wi-Fi connectivity as well as NFC. Examples of these are the Galaxy Active and the Galaxy Active2. With Wi-Fi, models like these can connect straight to the Internet. With this capability, they can receive notifications and software updates even without the need to be paired with your smartphone.

Some smartwatches also come with a slot wherein you can insert a SIM. Equipped with a SIM card, these smartwatches can connect online to the available network and function in a way similar to a smartphone. Surprisingly, the very affordable DZ09 has these capabilities.


Some smartwatch models out there have a built-in strap that cannot be replaced when they get damaged or lost. This is a crucial factor that you should consider when looking for your next smartwatch. One example is the DZ09 which you can buy at a very affordable price point.

Both the Galaxy Active and the Galaxy Active2 smartwatches are available with different strap designs to choose from. While they surely go well with the aluminum casing of these Samsung smartwatch models, feel free to mix and match. You can select the right strap that fits your personality or profession. Much better if you can buy a set of different straps so that you can choose the right one suitable depending on a particular occasion.


Battery capacity is important when it comes to smartwatches. As a wearable device, nobody wants a device that you have to take off from time to time just to recharge it. Hence, if you are looking for a smartwatch upgrade, make sure that it has a battery with a higher capacity.

Compared to its predecessor, the 44mm variant of the Galaxy Active2 comes with a battery packed with 340mAh of juice. Considerably a major improvement, this dwarfs the preceding model’s 230mAh battery.

To help you visualize how significant is that, the Galaxy Active2 offers up to 60 hours of typical usage time and up to 131 hours of low usage time. Meanwhile, the older version can last only up to 45 hours in terms of typical usage time and up to 90 hours in low usage time.


As a person who had used different models of smartwatches, I find this factor most practically important. If you will choose a smartwatch with a proprietary charging cable or adapter, you will encounter a problem when you lose that crucial accessory. You might end up buying a replacement charger/cable or an entirely new smartwatch.

Fortunately, the generic DZ09 also offers a generic way to recharge it in the form of a micro-USB cable. Equipped with a micro-USB port, you can simply recharge it by hooking up to a USB power source using a micro-USB cable, in a way similar to an average smartphone.

Other smartwatch models such as the Galaxy Active support wireless charging with Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare. With this feature, you can simply recharge the smartwatch by putting it on a wireless charger or a smartphone that has a wireless charging function.

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