5 Project Runway Quotes and Memes That Sum up Why We Love This Show

“Make it work!” is a motto everyone can live by. It’s also what the designers on Project Runway hear on the daily from Tim Gunn.

Project Runway is a phenomenon of a reality show. It’s continued for a whopping 16 seasons.

It’s inspired so many young people to become fashion designers. The show’s spirit reinvigorated fashion. The scene was growing bored with the old standbys.

There are also some hilarious and wonderful moments mixed with the fashion.

These runway quotes are totally meme-able moments that keep us tuning in season after season. Just look up blood orange Project Runway. Now onto the picks!

5 Project Runway Quotes and Memes That Are Bringing Us Life

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in:

1. “I’m Really Just Fed Up” – Tim Gunn

In this season 14 stunner, Tim Gunn lost it. Tim is pretty even keel but a contestant not finishing another simple design sent him over the edge.

Tim Gunn has been a firestorm of internet sensationalism. The Adobe Spark Post meme generator and the GIPHY Gif studios are chock full of TG inspiration.

Keep being fabulous Tim, we love you.

2. “Designers Look Out for Andre, He’s Our Little Lamb” – Santino Rice, 

This now-famous Season 2 impersonation started with Tim asking where Andre was. He was designing outside. After he leaves Santino begins the most amazing TG impersonation ever.

A cross between TG and a robot short-circuiting, it’s epic. “Make it work, make it work”. Season 2 was the best season of Project Runway, let’s be honest.

3. “I think Merline needs to go home now. That thing is falling apart, and not to be vulgar, she has some gray thing in the front that looks like a big ol’ manatee penis. Nobody wants to see a manatee penis walking down a runway.” – Amanda Perna

Another season 14 classic. The description of Merline Labissiere’s repurposed paper look is hilarious.

The laughs double when you see what Amanda sent down the runway. A straight-up vagina dress. Talk about a double standard.

4. “Carry on, Make It Work, Holler at Your Boy” – Tim Gunn

By season 5, we all knew Tim wasn’t so…hip. He proved it further when Blayne said: “ok, holla at ya boy” getting ready to Tim to critique his look. Tim Gunn was befuddled. 

Tim tries to say it a bunch of times, other designers get involved. Finally, as Tim is leaving and telling them to have a good night, he gets it. Tim Gunn won the day.

5. “She Looks Like a Transvestite Flamenco Dancer at a Funeral.” – Michael Kors

Kors is king of runway takedowns. He doesn’t give AF about your ego. But, this season 8 doozy takes the cake. 

The challenge was to use party favors and decorations as the fabric for their look. AJ’s hot mess of a dress led to this memorable Kors takedown.

This Is Why We Love Project Runway

From the design room drama, walk-offs, models being sewn into looks at the last second, to wearing dresses made of garbage…we love it all. We hope you enjoyed these few of our favorite PR giggles.

There are plenty more memes and runway quotes out there to enjoy. Off to the internet with you and do some research! Put your favorite Project Runway moment in the comments below.

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