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5 Interesting Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Have

No outfit is complete without the matching jewellery. Earlier, women loved classical gold and heavy jewellery. Today, they are more conscious about the design and elegancy. Whether they are attending a party or going to the office, they like to put on some jewellery that complements their outfit.

The right pieces of jewellery can do a lot more than complementing your outfit. Some ladies believe that a pair of earrings and a cute pendant is enough to get ready for any event, while others need the whole classical jewellery set to head out. In this post, we’ll walk you through 5 most important and must-have jewellery pieces for women. Keep reading.

1.  Choker Necklace

Choker or collar necklace is in trend. Thanks to its simple yet sophisticated design. They sit around your neck quite comfortably. Choker blends well with your traditional and western outfits. Ladies often wear it to the office. They pair the necklace with skirts or pants to create the best office look.

Contrary to popular belief, Choker isn’t new to the fashion industry. In fact, they have been worn by ladies since the Victorian era. Available in gold, ribbon, and velvet, choker makes a perfect statement piece for all trend-lovers out there.

2.  Pearl or Diamond Earrings

Do you have a corporate meeting to attend? Or, are you shopping for a cute pair of earrings for a romantic date? Well, diamond and pearl earrings make the best choices. Diamond is indeed a girl’s best friend. You must search for the latest designs of diamond rings online and buy the one that fits your budget and requirements.

Note: As much as fascinating diamond earrings look, they can be quite costly. Additionally, you don’t have occasions every day that calls for heavy and expensive jewellery like a diamond.

It only makes sense for ladies to get a pair of pearl earrings. Pearl is known for simplicity and elegance. If you are on the lookout for lightweight and affordable jewellery, then the pearl is the best pick. These earrings look cool and match both traditional and western dresses.

3.  A Pendant Necklace

Sometimes, all you need is a simple and lightweight pendant that feels lovely. Pendants come in different and unique varieties. This includes a heart-shaped pendant, pearl necklace, silver pendant, personalized pendant with your name written on it, and pendant featuring precious stones.

You can grab a few unique style pendants along with simple and almost invisible chains for your everyday use.

4.  Stylish Long Necklace

You can opt for long necklaces that hang below your shirt’s collar. Long necklaces make a perfect accessory for high-neckline outfits and even casual shorts. If you aren’t a pendant person, then a long necklace can be the best alternative.

Some of the popular necklaces that look incredibly gorgeous on all skin types are beaded necklace, lariat designs, charm necklace, choker, BIB necklace design, altered art, princess designs, and shoulder necklace.

5.  A Sophisticated Locket

Another must-have jewellery in women’s closet is a locket. Being a traditional form of a pendant, the locket is often worn by women belonging to the royal families. Fortunately, they have become a trend these days. The sophisticated locket has a special pendant that holds the picture of your loved ones or any memento that you are emotionally attached to.

You can pair the lockets with the typical opera length chain or find some other suitable chain that complements the pendant’s design.

These were the 5 most interesting jewellery pieces to add to your accessory collection. Buy a stunning pendant set and a few Statement Rings to rock your everyday look.

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