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4 – Why a wedding registry is necessary for every millenial couple

Millennials believe in having it their way. 

They love to stand up for what is right. 

They don’t shy away from asking. 

They believe that if they ask it will be received. 

Such millennials when together as a couple are bound to do wonders. One look at the increase in waste free weddings and environmentally friendly weddings serve proof to the fact that millennial couples are sensible, practical and confident. That’s one of the biggest reasons why this is the right time for indian couples to accept the Wedding Registry

What is the Wedding registry?

A wedding registry is a concept where couples add all the wedding gifts they would like to receive from guests in a link and then share that link with their guests. The guests then understand what the couple actually require and gift them just that. 

Reasons why a wedding registry is a must for Millennial Couples

They believe in asking for what they want

Millennials are open minded and believe in voicing out their needs. In a concept like a wedding registry, the couples know that all the bouquets and Ganesha idols will go for a waste anyway. Might as well ask for the wedding gifts that they would need. 

They believe in being environmentally conscious

Wedding waste is a big issue. Probably not as big as climate change, but if all the weddings that happen become a zero waste wedding, it can reduce the world’s carbon footprint in a big way. Thanks to some couples who are leading the way by making small changes to their wedding like using earthen pots for water, saying no to fake decoration items, donating wasted wedding food and others. A wedding gift registry is one of the things that millennial couples do too. It reduces the wedding waste by a considerable amount and also a start to end the re-gifting cycle. 

They believe in being considerate 

Believe it or not, carrying a big bouquet or a big box of wedding gifts is not the best experience. The wedding guests are not wearing the most comfortable clothing. Added to that is the burden of carrying a gift, standing in a queue and then getting on the stage to give the gift only to realise that the wedding gift has successfully taken over atleast 20% of the picture. 

These are the reasons why millennials should create a gift registry. We are the generation of trend setter and the wedding registry is the right wedding trend to set at this time.

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