3 best examples of plastic surgery from the world of entertainment

It is no doubt that plastic surgery is revolutionary in its field and growing number of patients opting to choose plastic surgery as a way to enhance aesthetic appeal and self-esteem is one of the evidence that explains the boom behind its growth. The selfie-obsessed people of 21st century are in awe of its application which also suggests that it has massive scope for innovation and sustenance.  It is a common and traditional phrase that says “doing yoga, living healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods and fruits, performing exercises can usually interruption the process of ageing for a good long time” and although ageing can’t be stopped as it is natural, that is where plastic surgery played a crucial role in holding the beauty while letting you age.

Top 3 celebrities who look awesome after plastic surgery

  • Rekha: The Indian heartthrob at the age of 65 looks no more than mid-40s and her appearance is still wooing the fans at large scale following the successful procedures of plastic surgery. Although she has been seen drenched in make-up at several occasions but usually she doesn’t put up that much. Her kit mainly contains lipstick, eyeliner and mascara which are usual affairs. She is traditional seeker of home-made procedures while keeping a routine of healthy tips that is evident from her glowing skin at the age of 65.
  • Nicole Kidman: Although the “Moulin Rouge” star is a strong opponent of plastic surgery which are quite evident from her quotes spread across the media circle, however, from the photo published by The National Enquirer in 2017, it can be concluded that she had natural curly hairs with a unusual face look in 1983 as compared to her current image now in 2020 and its highly apparent that she had undergone Botox. By the way, she looks dazzling and uniformly slim at the age of 53, thanks to her routine and healthy diet too.
  • Jane Fonda: The two-time Academy awards winner is another shining example of plastic surgery, more precise on around her eyes and jaw-line. At the age of 82, she admitted it on few occasions but is no more willing to go under knife again. She is still looking fabulous, elegant with lot of energy in the entertainment segment.

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