27 Most Beautiful Modern Residences Classified As Artwork

Who doesn’t love contemporary, modern homes that have been designed smartly and have a curb appeal that attracts even the most discerning of viewers? Here we have listed some similar modern residences that would definitely make anyone fall in love with them. The designers of these beautiful, contemporary homes have really pushed things a step further and they seem to have redefined how we used to live giving us a luxury lifestyle. The innovative designs, curved surfaces, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and everything else you could imagine, these beautiful homes really redefine aesthetics and have some special vibe to them. So, let’s see what’s on the platter and what kind of modern beauties we have on the list. 

  1. This beautiful Nashville home really presents a beautiful outlook with multiple terraces reaching out to its landscape. 
  2. This work of art is located in Greenwich, Connecticut and boasts of an expansive aluminum wall screening the addition. As a result, the size of this home is doubled. 
  3. This Napa Valley house presents a beautiful view its west elevation from a vegetation nearby. 
  4. This simple, yet elegant, glass canopy lavishly extends over the glass entrance of a beautiful home just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. 
  5. The designer of this beautiful accommodation in Sonoma, California added this bridge to cantilever over an outside pool while a poolside terrace defines this luxury to perfection. A big root of the ceiba tree is used as curtain over an outdoor shower. Art at its best!
  6. This curvilinear beauty is a luxury abode in Scottsdale, Arizona that’s architected to perfection by Edward M. Jones. 
  7. This gigantic villa in East Hampton, New York, gives a perfectly elevated outlook. It’s a masterpiece from Michael Haverland. 
  8. The garden room of this guest home in Dallas is complemented with a beautiful bluestone path. The exteriors of this perfectly-lit home have been designed with slate and teak to blend nicely into the garden. 
  9. This masterpiece from Dean Nota is in Venice California and it’s been designed as a live-work space that perfectly disguises warmth of an airy and cool loft-style interior while making sure the outside noise doesn’t interfere. 
  10. This hill-top beauty in Montecito, California is an amazing light-filled home designed by Barbara Barry and Jack Lionel Warner. 
  11. This is a stunning west-side view of a Connecticut guest house that boasts of a stucco wall painted with crimson and there are big windows with mahogany frames that contrast it to perfection. There’s also a Tuscan terrace wall to complete a perfect look. 
  12. The roof of this beautiful home in Rancho Palos Verdes, California has been given stylishly artistic curves in order to give a clear view of the hills. The art is from architects Ron Radziner and Leo Marmol. 
  13. The beautiful logs that create a perception of fallen trees make the dominant feature in this Colorado Rockies home architected by Antonie Predock. They extend from deep outside in landscape and go buzzing through that façade into the top of this beautiful 3-bedroom home. 
  14. This beautiful front entrance signifies some great artistic work from Mike Witt and Steven Ehrlich. This lazy elegance is located in California. 
  15. This beautiful home from 1960s in Bel Air, California has been renovated with heavy stain-less steel doors that open up and reveal an awe-inspiring entrance courtyard. 
  16. The gambrel roof has been redefined for this Greenwich, Connecticut home with zinc-clad steel. It really blends well into the overall design and complements the landscaping too. 
  17. The plaid-textured, windowless really signify privacy for this home in East Hampton, New York. Made from solid cast concrete blocks, they add to the beauty of the home from street-fencing side. 
  18. The sculptural stucco on the outside and a color palette that’s more on the neutral side combine to make this contemporary home blend into the rugged terrain around it rather gracefully. The bold and textural spaces boast of natural materials such as locally harvested stones and recycled wood. 
  19. This home in Venice, California has been designed up Dean Nota with the concept of bringing privacy to it from street below. Oriented to the interior courtyard, there is a stairway on the outside to access living areas and the office and they showcase only selective views. 
  20. This masterpiece of artistry from southern Illinois where Carlene Nolan Pederson came up with something that embraces small knoll on top of quite a challenging 5 ½ acre site. There is emphasis on exterior rooms while the surrounding trees have been preserved. 
  21. This glass, steel and concrete mix has been designed by architects Ron Radziner and Leo Marmol in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. 
  22. This beautiful all-white Bel Air, California home craves for some outdoor entertainment by the pool. 
  23. This 4200 sq. ft prefab structure lies on a secluded piece of land in Utah. It’s designed to use solar power for energy needs. 
  24. This beautiful Hamptons beach home is characterized by this cool slotlike entrance designed by the Leroy Street Studio. 
  25. The lakefront guesthouse here is in Austin, Texas. The terrace of this beautiful home was shaped specifically for avoiding encroaching on setback of lake and the wetlands. Besides, the landscaping was done to have the least possible ecological impact. 
  26. Here’s a beautiful masterpiece from Maryann Thompson that was actually meant to create a see-through, ephemeral feel. 
  27. This elegant home is in Boca Raton, Florida and it looks just amazing on the exterior with its whitewashed wall and gridded windows.

Feeling inspired? Yes, these really are amazing residences and they have a unique sense of luxury and art to them.

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