1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband After Marriage

Birthdays are very special when it is the first one after marriage. So you can always surprise your better half with surprise celebration and lovely gifts.  After marriage, you will know about the likes and dislikes of your partner and it would make your task easy to find a perfect gift for their birthday. Our husbands mean the world to us and we can do anything to see a smile on their faces. So we are here with a list of some amazing and romantic first birthday gifts after marriage for your husband which will definitely leave him spellbound.

1.      Personalized Gifts:

Personalized gifts are best to show your true feelings to the love of your life. You can show your creative side to your partner and choose one of the most creative and customized gifts for him. You can buy a diary and personalize it with a heartfelt message on his birthday, buy coasters and get it personalized with your initials or you can also make a birthday card for your husband and write poetry on him and wish him a very happy birthday. Make your spouse’s first birthday after marriage special and show them how much you mean to them.

2.      Romantic Gifts:

In the first year of marriage, love is at the blossoming stage. So you can buy a bouquet of roses and attach a love note with it to wish your husband a very happy birthday. There are so many other romantic gifts you can find from our online gift store to convey your love and birthday wishes to your husband on his special day. You can surprise him with heart-shaped chocolate treats or balloons to wish him a happy birthday and convey your love.

3.      Photo Cakes:

Cakes are also the best way to celebrate your dear one’s birthday. You can make this even more special by ordering a photo cake. You can choose one of your husband’s favorite photos from your wedding and get a photo cake. This way you can also cherish your wedding day and have the best time rejoicing your love and togetherness on his birthday. You can pair the photo cake with some other romantic gift and make your husband’s day special with a lovely celebration and gifts.

4.      Bottle of Wine:

A bottle of wine is a symbol of pride and sophistication. If your husband loves collecting different types of liquor then a personalized bottle of wine will hold a top slot in his heart as a gift. Your husband would even tell his friends how special birthday gesture you made for his birthday. Thus you can choose from different types of wine from our online gift store and wish your hubby a very happy birthday through wine gifts. order wine online and celebrate your love and togetherness with each other’s company on a special day like anniversary and birthday.

5.      A Day with Friends:

Boys will be boys and he would love to spend time and birthday with his boys. So take your husband by surprise by planning a boy’s days out for him. You can contact his close buddies to join and make all the arrangements for them. Do not message and interrupt the day and let him go wild for a day. He will be eternally grateful to you for such amazing gesture and you will not at all regret this by seeing the happiness on his face. These are some of the great birthday gift ideas for him which he would surely love and admire.

6.      Couple Bracelets:

A piece of jewelry never goes wrong, so you can get a couple of bracelets that are matching and flaunt your love in front of your friends and relatives. This way you will always have an apart of your partner with you and whenever you will miss him you will feel better by this couple bracelets. You can also get a message engraved on the bracelet and make it even more special and loving gift. Make romantic gift delivery to your beloved and convey your love and affection to them through lovely gifts.

7.      Signature T-shirts for Husband and Wife:

The T-shirts are comfortable and it is a great gift for an occasion like a birthday. Through printed t-shirt, you can convey your message to your partner and also to the world. You can go for customized wordings or pre-printed words or get the t-shirts with your own caricature to make it more funny and romantic. The t-shirts will be real eye turners and you can flaunt them. These are some of the best gifts ideas for husband on his first birthday after marriage through which he will feel special and pampered.

We hope your hubby loves the gifts you give from this list on his first birthday after marriage.

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