14 makeup myths that you need to discard right away!

Today, social media is a trusted source of makeup tips, but, do you know if the tip is even worth trying? There are high chances of the maximum makeup tips to turn out absolute myths. Here are some of those makeup tips that are actually proven to be myths and you should discard them right away!

#Myth 1: No need to remove makeup before going to bed

Girls, never ever commit this mistake. If you leave your makeup overnight, your pores will get clogged leading to skin dehydration and infections. Our skin releases moisture and gets freshers while we sleep. Not removing the makeup will be a very bad idea in this case.

#Myth 2: Cosmetics don’t have an expiration date

The majority of the makeup products have a definite shelf life and the same is always printed on labels in a special sign. The countdown starts as soon as you start using the product.

#Myth 3: You can avoid using makeup brushes if you’re the only person using them

Haven’t heard of anything weirder than this. Your makeup brushes come into contact with a wide number of products and surfaces over time. The more you postpone washing them, the number of bacteria will accumulate in their fibers. Using them will not only lead to skin diseases but also reduce your brushes’ lifespan.

#Myth 4: Red lipstick is not for everyone

Nonsense! Red is the color that suits everyone, whatever be your skin tone. All you need to do is choose the right shade.

#Myth 5: Throw away a mascara when it dries

 Don’t wait for your mascara to dry. Any mascara is scheduled to live for 3 months after the first use as this product is the easiest way to pick up an eye infection. Over time, mascara becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that are harmful to your eyes.

#Myth 6: Dip a mascara wand into the tube to remove lumps

Please don’t be stupid. This will get more air bubbles into the tube and shelf the lifespan of your mascara. Just dip the wand into the tube and twist it for better use.

#Myth 7: Makeup products do not go bad

It is very important for you to store your makeup products properly before the expiry date. For instance, it is not wise to leave your makeup products in dark and warm places.

#Myth 8: waterproof mascara can be applied daily

If you don’t think you would get drenched in the rain or any other reason to use waterproof mascara, it is advised to skip using one. At the end of the day, waterproof mascara would require a greater effort to remove leading to excessive eye rubbing which in turn would make your eyelashes weaker.

#Myth 9: Concealer before the foundation

On the contrary, you need to apply foundation before concealer. This would save your makeup products too ans your makeup would look more natural.

#Myth 10: Foundation has a bad effect on your skin

No. Modern foundations contain many skin-care ingredients, SPF Protection and all the components that protect your skin from adverse environments, keeping it moisturized throughout the day. All you need to do is, choose your product according to a skin type.

#Myth 11: Eyebrows should be twice darker than the hair

This is applicable only if you have light hair. Brunettes avoid using dark eyebrows- they would make your face look rugged.

#Myth 12: Over-line lips to make them look fuller

This might look well in photo sessions but in reality, over-contoured lips give you an artificial look. You can go about applying some light shiny eyeshadow or face powder over your cupid’s bow and some shiny lip gloss in the middle of your lower lip. This indeed will make your lips look fuller.

#Myth 13:  Dark eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger

Dark eyeliner in smokey eyes style makes your eyes more expressive, thick black wings actually create a deep-set effect and makes the eyes look smaller. In order to make them look bigger, you need to apply light eye shadows and eyeliner to the inner eyelid.

#Myth 14: No foundation around the eyes

New age foundation products are alcohol-free, meaning, they won’t dry your skin. You can leave them around the eyes without the fear of wrinkles.

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