10 Reasons to Visit Karnataka

From the Arabian Sea to the Decan plateau, the state of Karnataka combines an incomparable heritage and an ancient culture, interwoven with the modernity of Bangalore, the technological and cosmopolitan capital of southern India. And Indian Railways also run other luxury trains like Golden Chariot train, Palace on Wheels which offers South India class amenities onboard the train.

  • Hampi. UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ruins of Vijayanagar, the last Hindu empire that resisted the Muslim invasion, are a must. The dimensions of the archaeological park are reminiscent of Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and its architecture carved in stone is a walk through an ancient history.
    • Monsoon Malabar coffee.  Introduced by the English, this Karnataka coffee is exposed to the monsoon for 3 months so that it loses acidity. Visit the plantations of Kodagu (Coorg, its anglicanized name) or sit in one of the many coffee shops in the state to enjoy its notes of nuts and chocolate.
    • The elephants of Nagarhole. In a few places in the world you can enjoy the bath of the pack as close as on the banks of the Kauveri in this national park in southern Karnataka.
    • The nightlife in Bangalore. Young and full of expatriates, Bangalore’s lifestyle is very peculiar. In their parties, Bollywood and Kannada cinema music is mixed with international successes, and it is undoubtedly the best way to get to know the emerging India of the new generations.
    • Temples of Badami. Under the cliffs of Badami, the temples of the Chalukya dynasty were excavated in the seventh century. Both the landscape and the sandstone work have made this enclave a must-see north of Karnataka.
    • The beaches of Gokarna. The alternative tourism has long since moved from Goa to Gokarna. Karnataka shares the same sand and the same sea, but in Gokarna the religious side of the place where Shiva lingam originated is added. The two bays of Om Beach are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunset.
    • The story of Tipu Sultan. Anglo-Indian wars have one of their main heroes in Tipu Sultan. The Muslim monarch who managed to defeat the English left an architectural legacy that can be enjoyed in Bangalore and Mysore, as well as legends of love and war that delight travelers.
    • The weather. Less hot and with more moderate rains, Karnataka’s climate is famous throughout the subcontinent. When the streets of Mumbai are threatened by monsoon floods, Bangalore enjoys a cheerful breeze, and while the harsh winter stalks north, Karnataka boasts its eternal spring.
    • Shravanbelagola Steps carved into the rock take us to the top of this mountain that houses an ancient Jainist colossus. Climbing on foot or by palanquin, allows a minute of recollection at the most important pilgrimage site of Jainism in South India.
    • The best incense. Mysore is world famous for its incense. This preparation of resin and essential oils has been for centuries one of the most precious commercial products. In Karnataka you can discover how wands are made individually and choose the most delicate perfumes.

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