10 Healthy Summer Breakfast For Kids

10 Healthy Summer Breakfast For Kids

Now the time has come to separate the junk food from the kids’ lunch boxes and give them a nutritious and healthy diet. Summer camps are going to start in school, in which we have brought for you some such snacks, which your children would like and also be rich with nutrients. The funny thing is that you will not even need to work harder for these snacks. These snacks, made in 10 to 15 minutes, will not worsen in summer, nor will your child shrink nose and mouth after seeing them.

When summer camps begin at school, children need the energy and antioxidant to stay nicely on the whole day. These snacks will not only refresh them but will also maintain their energy.



When the name is so interesting, think about how much it will be like for to children in eating. Why not get it packed in the lunch box today? Take the chapati to make it. Now keep the grinders of the cheese in the bread and roll them. These Tasty Paneer Roti Rolls Kids will definitely come to Miss.


Everyone has to eat chickpeas in the market, but now you can pack them in the baby’s lunch too. To make it, cut the kulcha from the middle and divide it into two parts. Now fill the white gram in the middle of the kulcha and mix it on the pan. Your children will love these deliciously tasty sandwiches, rich in taste and health.


In addition to potato and sago Tikki, you can now pack soya Tikki babies too. To make it, mix soybean slices, boiled potatoes, linseed seeds, peas, salt, and green chilies. After this, heat the oil in the embroidery make a small round Tikki and deep fry it. Packed with these proteins packed with cakes or chestnut chutneys.


It is seen that children often avoid milk, vegetables, and fruits, but now you can give them sandwiches too. To give a new flavor to the boring sandwich, it is necessary to lighten the vegetables. It is important to make them in three layers to fill them with nutritious elements and vitamins. So put the tomatoes on top of the first layer, put pepper sauce on the second layer of bread, and cut cucumbers from top to bottom. Prepare sandwiches by putting ketchup on the third and final layers. Remember you have to keep the cake with the ketchup on the side of the couch.


The burgers that bring water in the mouth after seeing them do not refuse to eat any food. To make it, cut the small bean from the middle. Now put ketchup on one side and a pinch of chutney on the other side. Pack the tomatoes, onions, and paneer pieces in between. If you want to apply mustard sauce, then you can also use it.


Cover a piece of pineapple, pear, strawberry, kiwi, or grapes on a stick and wrap it in foil paper. Now pack them in the children’s lunch box.


First, boil the eggs and peel them. Now make two eyes and a smiley from the marker on it. Just look at how children are happy when they open lunch at school. If you want, pepper and salt can also sprinkle on top of the egg.


To make the idli of Dal, cut the spices and vegetables like carrots, peas, onions and tomatoes into the mixture. Leave it in steam for some time and leave it. When it becomes soft, then pack it for lunch. You can also offer peppermint and ketchup with it. Look, how your children eat a lot of nutritious Idlis and eat them.


It is said that five times a day should be eaten, in which two snacks should be taken. Why not give one of these time minerals and energy-rich snacks? Banana chips are a great option for this.


This recipe is a little different and nutritious, which will make the children’s lunch in the box. The child’s box cannot come back without eating it. To make this, cut the paneer, soya nuggets, carrots, peas, almonds, pistachios and bread, salt into small, small hairs or chakra shapes. Heat a little oil in the kadhai and fry them. After roasting, add chopped dry fruits on top of them and pack them in the lunch box. This snack filled with proteins and vitamins is very beneficial for every age.

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