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10 Great Search Engines You Should Be Using

You probably know that Google is not the only search engine we have access to. Yes, it’s the best but there are a number of other search engines as well that can help you answer your queries.

Being a research analyst, my job requires me to constantly seek out information. Other than conducting surveys, we also use the Internet for finding relevant data. I was surprised to find a bunch of search engines that are really great at providing accurate results to your queries. To test those, I used my Hughesnet Internet service at home to search the same queries on different search engines and got amazed by the purpose of each one.

I recommend you try using some of those as well. Here are the top 10 search engines: 

1: Google

Obviously, Google had to be on the list. After all, it dominates the world. You can use it to search for news, images, videos, and apply filters for customized queries. It’s extremely simple to use and very fast in showing results.

2: Bing

Bing is Google’s top competitor and it is owned by Microsoft. It’s not really a threat to the hegemony of Google. It has 1.3 million unique visitors per day and it only 10 billion searches a month. It is similar to Google in looks but it has a different way of showing results.

3: Yahoo

After Bing, the next famous search engine is Yahoo. Yahoo is run by Bing now. Therefore, the search results you will see are extracted from Bing itself. Yahoo may not be a great search engine but its sports blog and email services are still being used worldwide.

4: AOL

AOL (America Online) used to sell CDs of software. AOL was bought by Verizon for 4.4 billion. Now, it has converted into a popular mass media company that offers advertising services.

5:, formerly known as Ask Jeeves, started the concept of searching based on question + answer format. It is basically a question and answer community. You can get answers to any question you had. However, this search engine integrates a large amount of data for answering one single query.

Since the platform relies on the archived data and user contributions for an answer, the results are not always current. In case they don’t have the answer available to your query, Ask takes helps from third-party search engines.

6: DuckDuckGo

It was launched in 2010 and it has grown ever since. It has been designed to affront the policies of Google. If you feel like Google invades your privacy by profiling people and you want a private search engine, DuckDuckGo is for you. It gives you more control over your personal data.

7: YouTube

Let me remind you that YouTube is a search engine too but it particularly displays video content. It’s owned by Google and it enjoys a great reputation throughout the world. Its only drawback is that it specializes in displaying video content uploaded by users. It provides great insight into the interests and preferences of a user.

8: Wolfram Alpha

It’s a search engine that provides you with a list of web pages and documents in the search results. It’s best if you are looking for facts and data.

Wolfram Alpha has designed to make knowledge computable and widely available. It was created for students and educators. I actually used this search engine to find statistics and it worked like a charm.

9: Baidu

It’s a go-to search tool in China. Since Google is not accessible in the country, people rely on Baidu to search for stuff on the internet.

Although this search engine is less relevant outside China. Also, it only displays results in Chinese. However, it has the potential to grow just like any other Chinese product.

10: Yandex

It’s a top search engine in Russia. However, it is hard to see this search engine branching out in other countries because it’s designed for the Russian federation only.

Summing Up

Long story short, Google is not the only search engine you can rely on for conducting online research. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are certainly dominant but there are other search engines that can be best used to search for a specific type of data.

For instance, I entered the search query “Hughesnet number” in the wrong search engine such as Baidu, AOL or YouTube. That did not show any results. Therefore, you shouldn’t just be aware of the best search engines out there, but their right use too.

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